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How to treat heat rash in babies?


Are you looking for a way to relief your infant from heat rash?

treat heat rash in babies

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What is the best way to treat heat rash in babies?

Is Calamine lotion safe to use on babies?

Is it safe to use hydrocortisone cream?

Do you need to take your baby to the doctor with a heat rash?


Usually a heat rash disappears on its own when you provide a cooler environment for your baby.

But until the rash is gone you may need to do something about the itching. Here are some quick tips that are proven to work.


the best way to treat heat rash in babies

  • Keep your baby in an air-conditioned room when it is very hot and humid weather.
  • Cool baths with some baking soda or oatmeal or cool compresses will soothe the itching.
  • Let your baby air dry on a towel.
  • Dry body creases careful and apply some corn starch powder.
  • You may apply some calamine lotion but try to avoid using thick creams and ointments that may block the sweat glands.
  • When it is hot keep your baby cool with light breathable cotton clothing ( no synthetic materials).


Is Calamine lotion safe to use on babies?


baby heat rash

Calamine lotion is well known for its soothing properties and often used to treat heat rash.

For infants younger than 6 months you have to consult your doctor before using calamine lotion.

Do not apply calamine on baby's whole body, only use it where baby's skin is affected. Be careful it doesn't get in baby's eyes or mouth.

Calamine side affects are rare. Nevertheless, it is sensible to keep an eye on your child for any allergic reactions, if you do use it for the first time.

If you notice that the heat rash and the itching gets worse or your child gets dizzy or has breathing problems, contact your doctor right away.


Is it safe to use hydrocortison cream for babies?

Hydrocortison is prescribed by pediatricians for a variety of baby skin conditions. When using it on infants and toddlers, hydrocortison should be used in the smallest possible dose and never for a longer period of time.

Even the mildest hydrocortisone creams can cause side effects if they are used for a prolonged time. Do not cover the skin where you used the cream like with a bandage or a diaper.

This will cause an increased absorption in the skin. Also baby's face absorbs far more hydrocortison than the rest of the body. Try not to use it on baby's face or in skin folds if not absolutely necessary.


Do you need to take your baby to the doctor with a heat rash?

Not as long as your baby is happy and acting fine. If you treat heat rash with the home remedy we suggest on this page your baby will soon be fine.

But if your baby also has a high temperature of 105.1 °F or more, this may well be a sign of heatstroke. Heatstroke occurs when the body is not able to regulate its temperature in a very hot environment.

When baby shows the following symptoms with the heat rash you need to visit your doctor.

  • Is not feeling well.
  • Has fever or chills.
  • Is vomiting.
  • Is not drinking.
  • Is crying excessively.

Not to forget, your baby’s scratching may cause a bacterial skin infection (miliaria pustulosa). In this case your doctor may need to treat heat rash with antibiotics.


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