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The 5 best examples of a Top Of Stairs baby gate that will not break the bank

Ready to buy a top of stairs baby gate?

top of stairs baby gate

I hope you'll agree that a baby gate for the top of the staircase is probably the most important type of gate you need to buy.

Every parent's worst nightmare is their baby falling from the top of the stairs. These falls may cause serious head injuries and even the dead to a small child.

Recent studies reveal that every year almost 2000 children in the US need to be rushed to the emergency room because of baby stair gate related accidents.

Most of these accidents (60%) involved boys older than the age of two.

How do those injuries occur?

  1. Parents carrying a baby down the stairs, somehow they slip and fall together with the child.
  2. By using a pressure-mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs, a child can fall down together with the gate if he bumps into it with too much force.
  3. Not removing the gate when a child is old enough to climb over the gate.

What can we learn from this?

For instance, stop using the baby gate when your child understands the potential dangers and is able to climb up and down the stairs on his own. By the age of two, you can learn your toddler how to do this safely.

Also, for the top of the stairs, the only safe gate is a hardware mounted baby gate. If you are afraid of damaging your walls or banisters read our post on how to install baby gates using an installation kit. Pressure mounted gates can be used at the bottom of the staircase and in doorways in between two rooms.

Baby walkers are still responsible for about 2.6 % of all stair accidents. If your child still uses a baby walker you should know they are very dangerous. And if you are under the impression that these walkers teach your baby how to walk; the opposite is true, they can actually delay a child's normal development. Of all injuries caused by baby walkers 75% to 95% are from falls down the stairs.

When carrying your infant on the stairs make sure you wear proper footwear. For example, this Mom fell down the stairs with her baby in her arms when her flip flop suddenly broke.

You can purchase a top of stairs baby gate for less than $50.


5 top of stairs baby gate examples

Here are my top recommendations for hardware mounted baby gates that you can use for the top of your staircase.

1. Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Baby Gate by Evenflo


evenflo top of stairs gate


What's great:

  • The Evenflo Walk Through is a good quality metal gate that is fairly easy to install.
  • A very robust gate that is ideal for at the top of the stairs.
  • Can fit any size opening (extends from 29 to 42 inches) with a few modifications.

What can be improved:

  • The gate doesn't automatically shut, you have to deliberately close the lock.

Learn more



2. Easy Swing & Lock Gate, Bronze by North States


easy swing and lock gate


What's great:

  •  The Easy Swing & Lock Gate fits many openings because of its adjustable width.
  • This gate has no bottom bar you need to step over.
  • The gate will swing either way but can be adjusted so it does not swing out over stairs.

What can be improved:

  • Not the easiest gate to install. It requires some fiddling to get it right.
  • They provide different measurements wich is very confusing. The gate fits openings between 28.68" to 47.85" and not 28 to 48” as it says further down in the description.

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3. Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Baby Gate


kidco safeway top of stairs baby gate

What's great:

  • A strong gate made of heavy duty steel.
  • Can be instaled on angles..
  • Requires only one hand to open which is convenient when you are holding a baby.

What can be improved:

  • Screws included for wall mounting are realy small. You may need to buy your own for a sturdier result.

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4. Evenflo Top Of Stairs Plus Gate


Evenflo top of stairs plus gate

What's great:

  • Excellent quality gate and safety latch that can be used without problems for many years.
  • Great value for money
  • Gate is easily removable from its hardware
  • Simple one hand operation.

What can be improved:

  • Be careful when painting the panels of this unstained wooden gate. After one or more layers of paint, the two panels may not slide against each other anymore.

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5. Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate


Munchkin Loft Aluminum Infant Safety Gate


What's great:

  • You can easily remove the whole gate  from its wall mounts.
  • This silver colored aluminum gate has a beautiful sleek design.
  • The solid construction is capable of withstanding the fiercest toddler attacks.

What can be improved:

  • This gate requires a very precise installation to close properly.

learn more



Below is a cool video that will show you how to install a hardware mounted baby stair gate.



Before you proceed buying a top of stairs baby gate you must read this

installing the gate

You may need to install your new top of stairs baby gate on a different surface than shown in the installation guide. Often included with the gate you get an installation kit that will make this possible. Otherwise, you are able to purchase one online. Click here for more info on how to install baby gates in difficult locations.

The latch of the gate

You should be able to open and close a top of stair gate with one hand. Though some gates advertise a one hand operation while in reality the latching mechanism is complicated to use. You don't want to stand at the top the stairs fiddling to open the latch with your baby on one arm. If possible try the latch in the store or read reviews what other consumers say about how well the latch works.

The bars of the gate

The space between the bars should be no more than 3 inches apart so a toddler’s head won't fit through. It should have vertical bars (slats) to prevent climbing. Do not use retractable accordion-style baby gates as the v-shape of the slats can be used as a foothold by your toddler to climb over the gate.

The height of the gate

A child climbing over a top of stairs baby gate is considerably more dangerous than climbing over any other gate. So, it's very important your new gate has a minimum height of 22 inches and is at least three-fourth of your toddler's height.



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