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The best scabies home treatment for children

A prescription for a scabies home treatment for your baby is maybe the last thing you expected when you took him to the doctor for an itchy skin rash.

scabies home treatment

But an infection with the scabies mite is not that uncommon in young children.


Scabies Medication

For young children the most used scabies treatment is Elimite (Permethrin 5%). Permethrin is considered safe to use on infants older than 2 months.

How to use:

  • This cream should be applied in a thin layer from the neck down before your child goes to bed.
  • Then apply some to the hairline, temple, scalp and fore head.
  • Prevent the cream from going in the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Leave overnight for 8 to 12 hours then wash it off with water and soap.
  • This scabies home treatment should be repeated after 5 to 7 days.


Because little children scratch the affected area it is possible they have also scabies eggs under the finger nails.

Keep the infant’s nails as short as possible and apply some cream on the finger tips as well. Use mittens to prevent your child from putting his fingers in his mouth.


Other scabies home treatment used for infants:

  1. Crotamiton. Or Eurax is an antipruritic and is only suitable for children older than 3. Crotamiton helps to relieve itching of the skin and skin irritation caused by scabies.
  2. Sulfur ointment or sulfur soap. The oldest known treatment for scabies but not as affective. Because it is least toxic it is often used as scabies home treatment for infants, pregnant women and breast feeding women.
  3. Lindane.  Most doctors stopped using Lindane because of its high toxicity to the human body. If Lindane is not correctly used it can cause damage to the central nervous system.
  4. Malathion. Malathion in low doses (0.5% preparations) is used as a treatment for head lice,body lice and scabies. It is a less toxic alternative to Permethrin when you need to treat your child’s hair and scalp.


What to do to eradicate scabies completely?

Besides the cures for scabies mentioned above, to completely eradicate scabies you have to:

  • Check family members and treat them as well if suspected they have scabies.
  • Wash clothes, towels, combs, brushes and bedding in very hot water. The mites can not survive if they are exposed to temperatures higher than 50°C / 122°F for 10 minutes.
  • Strollers, prams and car seats can also be sprayed with an insect spray.
  • Vacuum furniture, rugs and mattresses carefully. Fortunately the scabies mite unlike the bed bug can not live more than a few days without his human host.

Itching may continue up until 2 weeks after starting the treatment because of the dead mite’s bodies remaining in the skin. If itching continues after 2 weeks another treatment may be required or the rash was not caused by scabies at all.

skin with burrowed scabies mites
Burrowed scabies mites.

Before starting any scabies treatment at home it is important to have a positive diagnose of scabies.

Diagnosis of scabies is done by scraping the affected area together with some oil and viewing it under a microscope.

This way it is possible to see not only the scabies mites but also the scabies eggs and mite fecal matter.




As a mom you may wonder; Is scabies home treatment with Permethrin, Lindane or malathion safe for my baby? There are many natural products on the market to relief scabies that are well worth a try.



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