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Newborn Baby Bathing: Sea How Easy It Is

This page is about newborn baby bathing guidelines with basic tips on how to make your baby's first bath as easy as it can be..

newborn baby bathing

Bathing a baby is a most heart warming an bonding eperience for Mom an Dad. It may seem a daunting task in the beginning, but after a few times you and your baby will both enjoy this"Truly Quality time" together.


Newborn baby bathing for the first time

For the first ten days you give your baby a sponge bath. This is where you simply wash your baby with a washcloth. Wait until baby's umbilical cord has fallen of before you use a baby bathtub.

Newborn babies have trouble regulating their body temperature that is why you need a warm, draft free room when bathing your newborn baby.

If it is the first time you are going to bath your newborn the next video on HOW TO GIVE A SPONGE BATH may be very helpful to you.



Baby bathing essentials

Always stay with your baby when he or she is having a bath. When you did forget something, rather wrap your baby up in a towel and take him with you then leaving him unattended.

So it is better to be prepared and have the following baby bathing essentials right next to you:

baby bathing essentials


Newborn baby bathing HOW TO

When you are ready, undress your baby and cover him from the waist down with a towel to help him stay warm.

It is important to know how to clean these specific areas of baby's body.

Face and neck

Use a washcloth or cotton balls to gently clean baby's eyes, face and neck folds. Pay extra attention drying the creases in the neck. Never try to clean the inside of your baby's ears you may accidentally scratch or damage the eardrum.

Baby's hair

Use a tiny amount of shampoo to wash baby's hair. Once or twice a week is enough. A washcloth on baby's forehead keeps shampoo out of the eyes. Gently towel dry baby's hair.

Upper body

Carefully clean baby's upper body, arms and fingers. Clean the umbilicall cord with some cotton swabs dipped in alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Gently dry.
Turn baby on her tummy to wash baby's back and buttocks.

Genital area

With girls wash the genital area from front to back. Avoid using soap, this may cause irritation. If you have a baby boy don't try to pull back the foreskin.It will take a few years before the foreskin separates from the underlying penis and can then be retracted. Gently dry your baby..

Clean the baby's umblical cord stump daily and keep as dry as possible to prevent infection. Inform your doctor if the naval area becomes red, swollen or produces pus.


Bathing a newborn baby in a baby bath tub

Baby taking a bath

When the umbilical stump has fallen and the area has healed your baby is ready for a proper bath in the tub.

How often do you need to bath your infant?

Your baby may love bathing so much that you may be tempted to bath him twice a day. But bathing a newborn baby too often may lead to dry skin. In fact, bathing twice a week is enough for newborns.

For me the Primo EuroBath is the best choice for a first baby bath. It can be used for newborns but is also large enough to fit your child until the age of two.


Newborn baby bathing in 10 simple steps

  1. Fill the bathtub with 2 to 3 inches of water and check the baby bath temperature
  2. Make sure you have everything you need nearby.
  3. Lay an open towel on the dressing tabel or a chair.
  4. Undress your baby.
  5. Put your arm under baby's head and get a firm grip on his upper arm.
  6. With the other hand hold the upper leg.
  7. Lift the baby and gently introduce baby to the water.
  8. While baby's head rest on your arm, your can wash your baby with your free hand..
  9. When you are finished lift your baby out of the tub and wrap him in a clean towel.
  10. Now you can dry your baby carefully and dress him.




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