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Kitchen safety for kids – Top gadgets to childproof your kitchen for less than $10


Whether your little tod is just crawling around or watching you cook, kitchen safety for kids, especially for toddlers, is a major concern for a mother.

kitchen safety for kids - top gadgets to baby proof your kitchen under $10

Your kitchen is probably one of the most important parts of your home with the family meals being prepared here, family meetings, the fridge full of treats and wonders.

It does happen to be also one of the most dangerous places with sharp objects and toxic chemicals, all within arm's reach.

The most common dangers in the kitchen:

  • Knives and other sharp utensils.
  • Harmful products, foods and spices.
  • Cleaning equipment such as bleaches and spray.
  • Objects falling from shelves.


Here are 5 kitchen safety products all under $10.00


1. Magnetic  cabinet and drawer lock

You may have noticed that toddlers have a special interest in your kitchen drawers and cabinets. They often contain very dangerous things, like cleaning products, and ingesting of these products can cause serious cases of child poisoning.

The best and secure locks to baby proof cabinets and drawers are without doubt the magnetic locks. One magnetic key can be used for multiple locks. Remember, that after each time you use it, to store the magnetic key somewhere out of the reach of your child.


Magnetic cabinet and drawer lock


Made by: Safety1st
Price: $8.99

  • Stronger than any other locking system
  • Suitable for cabinets 0.5 inch to 1.5 inches thick
  • Mechanism not visible from the outside
Buy now


2. Door Stopper

We all hate it when we slam our fingers in doors and the pain can be excruciating. It's even more dangerous for kids whose bones have not yet fully developed and catching them in doors can lead to severe injuries.

The Dreambaby Door Stopper is a durable white circle of sponge fits neatly around almost any door and prevents harmful door slams.


Dreambaby Door Stopper


Made by: Dreambaby
Price: $7.80

  • Soft flexible foam finger guard
  • Stops doors from slamming
  • Slides on top edge of the door
Buy now


3. Multi Use Latches

A must-have for anyone concerned about kitchen safety for kids, these clips allow you to safely lock your cupboards so inquisitive infants can't get their hands on anything dangerous. They are extremely versatile; you can use them to lock cupboards, appliances like your microwave and even to lock your kitchen trash can.

A steal at $7.99, these handy gadgets can also be switched off effectively if the kids are not around, in order to make your cooking more efficient.


Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches


Made by: Munchkin
Price: $7.99

  • Doesn't damage furniture
  • Ideal for locking corner cabinets
  • Uses dual button operation
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4. Tip Resistant Furniture Safety Brackets

Having your drawers and cabinets tip over onto your child is any parent's nightmare. Unfortunately, it can be a common accident to the unprepared parent as children learning to stand up, regularly hang on to such furniture in order to pull themselves up.

There is an answer though, as these devices clip onto the back of your furniture and add extra stability to most cabinets and cupboards.


Mommy's Helper Tip Resistant Furniture Safety Brackets


Made by: Mommy's helper
Price: $6.95

  • Easy to install and customize
  • Bolts furniture to the wall with durable straps
  • Enough to secure 4 pieces of furniture
Buy now


5. Child proof stove knob covers

The majority of injuries in the kitchen are related to cooking on the stove and carrying hot beverages. Burn wounds are extremely painful and can easily be prevented if parents take the necessary safety precautions.

Less obvious but just as dangerous, is when curious children open the oven while you are cooking and hot steam escapes. You can buy a lock to secure the oven door so children are unable to open it. To prevent a curious toddler playing with the knobs of your stove you can buy a set of child proof stove knob covers.


stove knob covers

Made by: Safety1st
Price: $8.97

  • Quick installation
  • Made of durable colored plastic
  • Fits nearly all stoves
Buy now


Kitchen safety for kids - Do you need to hire a professional?

An entire industry has evolved around baby proofing your home with products and services available for every imaginable situation. Your kitchen does not have to be Fort Knox but it always adds peace of mind to any parent when they know that anything harmful is out of the way of kids.

If you need some help with kitchen safety for kids then there are baby proofing services available where consultants can come into your home and identify the dangers. They can also advise on installation and usage of the best products on the market to safeguard your kitchen, nonetheless there are a lot of parents who prefer to do it themselves. Now you have seen the products available, you know that protecting your little ones doesn't have to cost the world.



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