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How To Install Baby Gates Without Damaging Your Home's Design

It is not that difficult to install baby gates, even if they have to go on a banisters or on an angle.

install baby gates

On this page you will find tips and ideas for installing baby gates in difficult locations.

For example if you need to install the gate in a place that has no mountable surface.

Every home design is different and sometimes you need to mount the gate on a banister on top of the staircase or on surfaces that are not strait across.

To complicate things even more, often banisters are round on the top and square at the bottom.

Most baby gate manufacturers supply round and square attachments to make them compatible with a variety of banister shapes.


Baby gate installation kits for banisters

All new baby gates come with instructions explaining how to install your new gate. Most manufacturers have tried their best to make the installation process as simple as possible. Often you will find a template you can hold to the wall to mark the fixing points for the gate.

Our first example is the KidCo's Stairway Gate Installation Kit that can be used for both top square post and round post. Once you installed the banister mounting kit you can install your gate to the wood mount using the safety gate’s hardware.

Fortunately most of the clamping attachments are easy to install and need no drilling in your valuable woodwork

Ez fit baby safety gate adapter

Clever design for larger banister posts.

Designed to be used for taller baby gate installations, and bigger banister posts is the EZ Fit II Safety Gate Adapter.

The strong Industrial Grade 36" long Velcro adapter with integral locking clip will fit virtually any post up to 18" around.

It is easy to remove the adapter with the safety gate attached and install the gate elsewhere in the house. It requires no drilling in your banister or stair posts.



y spindle gate adapter

The Y Spindle you can see on the right makes it possible to install a pressure mounted gate on a round stairway balluster.

Make sure you get two because you will need one for the top and one for the bottom.

This works only if on the other side of the gate is a wall. The manufacturer advices not to use spinles on both sides of the gate.



first safety tips

Do not install the gate more than 3 inches of the floor. The body of a toddler can easily get stuck in the attempt to wiggle through the space between the gate and the floor.


How to install baby gates to a hollow or dry wall?


wall style gate mounting system

Most mounting kits for dry walls and walls with baseboards consist of a long piece of wood, screws, toggle bolts, finish washers and wood spacers.

Wood spasers are used at the top to make up for the thickness of the baseboard.

Before you install the wall mounting kit make sure the placement of the screws will not interfere with the gate mounting hardware.

See the DeLuxe wall style mounting kit on the left.



How to install baby gates in an angled situation

Sometimes it is needed to install a baby gate on an angle. In this case you will have to choose for a hardware mounted baby gate. Check out the Stairway Special Baby Gate that will mount at angles up to 30 degrees allowing location of a stud when mounting on drywall.

Pressure-mounted gates are a lot easier to install than hardware mounted gates because you don't need tools or carpentry skills. Unfortunately, these gates are not suitable for angled situations and on top of a staircase.

The following video shows you how to install baby gates at an angle.



How to install a pressure mounted baby gate?

Pressure mounted baby gates are very popular mainly because they are so easy to set up. No screws, no drilling and most are more affordable than gates that come with hardware installation. They stay in place by pressing against two oposite walls.

However easy to install, these gates need to be installed correctly otherwise you risk that they may slip. The fact that they can slip makes them dangerous for the top of the staircase.

Even if you don't have to drill any holes, the pressure of the gate against the walls can still leave ugly marks. A simple way to avoid this and to protect your walls is with protectors from WallNanny.


5 useful Tips on how to install baby gates

Need help to install baby gates?
Photo by : Lentini on Flickr
  1. To start with, take your time to read the instructions of the manufacturer carefully. Check the tools you need to install the gate, like a screwdriver, a hand drill, screws (make sure they are long enough) and pencil.
  2. Second, you will need a gate installation kit if you try to install baby gates on a banisters, iron railing or hollow wall that is not strong enough to hold the gate. For a wide variety of installation kits see our examples on this page.
  3. No one likes to drill holes and put screws in their wooden banister. With spindles, velcro adapters and clamps this can be avoided. They can be used with round or square posts in any combination to ensure proper and secure mounting of your gate.
  4. After installing the gate try the firmness of the gate. Make sure it is able to hold the pressure that a child may place on it. Your gate is of no use if it is not installed correctly.
  5. Finally, check locks or latches if they function correctly. Make a good habit of keeping the gate locked at all times even if your child is asleep.

second safety tip

Never attempt to climb over a baby safety gate while your child watches you, rest assured he will try to copy you. It is better to use safety gates with walk through doors with a simple one-handed operation.


Children are extremely inventive when it comes to conquering the chalence of a baby safety gate. Gates should be removed when your child is able to climb over the gate or the height of the gate is below the child's shoulder level.

If the thought of installing a safety gate is causing you a headache then why not use a Baby gate assembly and installation service. A professional will have all the necessary equipment and experience to install your baby gate fast, secure and according to the manufacturers guidelines.

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