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7 Top fireplace baby gate Choices

Looking for a fireplace baby gate so you can fence of the dangerous area around your wood stove or hearth?

fireplace baby gate

Hardly anything is more pleasant than the warming heat produced by a fireplace on a chilly winter evening.

Sadly, those glowing flames are fascinating for most toddlers and invite them to go closer than they should do.

If the fireplace is not adequately child proofed your toddler is at risk of getting serious injuries.

Though, why should your concern that your little ones may get hurt by your wood burner or hearth, hold you back from enjoying the warmness and charm of your fireplace?

The most straightforward way to avoid your child coming in contact with a fire place, is by fencing it with a heart gate.

If you believe it is hard to find an attractive gate, that allows you to enjoy your log fire and will not ruin the look of your beautiful interior, then keep on reading.


7 Fireplace baby gate ideas to help you choose


1. KidCo Auto close Hearth Gate

Indeed a very adaptable baby gate, not only useful for fireplaces but also for many other areas in your home you may wish to block off.
The Kidco's auto-close feature is extremely handy as it will not let you forget to close the door behind you when you need to add logs to the fire.

kidco autoclosing heart gate

What you get:

  • 5 interlocking panels of 24 inch wide and 29 inch high
  • Strong tubular aluminum that is heat resistant
  • Wall mounting hardware

If you think that the Kidco Auto close gate is a little too expensive, be certain that if you buy this baby fireplace gate, you'll get a well-engineered, first class product.


2. Clevr 3-in-1 Baby fireplace Gate

Another multi purpose gate is this heart gate from Clevr. This gate will help you fence off the area around any heat source in your home. The metal frames come with adjustable joints which can be tightened at specific angles. This allows you to create a play yards of multiple shapes.

Clevr fireplace gate

What you get:

  • 6 modular panels of 147.5" wide and 29.5" tall
  • Comes with a hands free door with sturdy latch.
  • Can be used as free standing palypen with up to 10 square feet of space for baby to play.

When you want to avoid your child getting too close to the fire or hitting his head on the stone edges of the fireplace, then this is a great, solid gate well worth its money.


3. Regalo Super Wide Gate for fireplace

Ok, this is my absolute favorite. The Regalo super wide gate is a high quality metal baby gate with the best price of all gates on this list. It’s probably also the largest gate around, counting 8 panels and measuring 192 inches wide.

regalo super fireplace guard

What you get:

  • Metal gate with a non-toxic powder coat
  • Wall mounting materials
  • 8 Configurable sections of 28”tall
  • Enough to encloses a space of 19 square feet

 This gate will not only keep your little ones safely away from your fireplace, but can also be used around pellet stoves, barbeques and wood burning furnaces. I’m sure you will be very happy with this well-thought-out and functional designed fireplace baby gate from Regalo.


4. North States Superyard Metal Fireplace baby Gate

You will be impressed how versatile this 6 panel metal baby gate from North States is. Super easy to set up in any form or shape you can imagine. If you like to make it larger you can order a two panel extension independently.

This metal gate has a warm off-white finish that looks beautiful and will blend well with any modern home décor. Another great feature is that on the bottom of each panel it has bumper pads to prevent the gate from scratching your floor.

north states baby hearth gate

What you get:

  • 6 pre-assembled panels that are 30 inches tall
  • Hardware for wall mounting your gate
  • One of the sections serves as walk-through door with a secure double locking button

So, if you need a solid baby fireplace gate that doesn't budge under the pressure of a destructive toddler this North States metal gate is your best option.


5. Baby Dan Flex Safety Gates, Black, X-Large

Baby Dan, a Danish company, well known in Europe as one of the best manufacturers of baby gates. The Baby Dan Flex system is a smart looking extra wide gate that fits all the needs of good hearth gate. Not one of the cheapest gates but if you need to create a safe zone around a log burner or fireplace this gate will do it very effectively. It provides an entry door with a double latching mechanism, which adults can easily open with one hand.

baby dan hearth gate

What you get:

  • a 28.4" wide door section
  • 4 x 28.4" wide panels
  • Includes wall fixings

 The Flex L gate can be extended with as many extra sections as you like and can alternatively be uses as a sturdy and secure room divider.


6. Bebemooi Baby Safety Fence BBQ - gate for fireplace

Maybe the Bebemooi  Baby Safety Fence is not as well know as the other brands in this review but still a respectable option to secure the space around a hearth, stove or barbeque .
Though the gate sets up in minutes and can be used as a free standing playyard, the downside is that it is not foldable like many of the other gates.

Bebemooi fireplace baby gate

What you get:

  • 4 sections of 25” wide and a door section of 17” wide
  • Hardware for attaching to the wall
  • Made of strong tubular steel

This fireplace baby gate gets its sturdiness and stability from the panels placed on an angle of each other. If you need a gate that you can place like a square box around the hearth, this gate is not suitable for you.


7. Dreambaby Mayfair stylish fireplace Gate

Last on this list of gates to baby proof the fireplace is the Maifair playyard gate from Dreambaby. Not the sole purpose of this gate but still very suitable as a fireplace protector. The Mayfair is made of long lasting metal that can withstand high temperatures, so you don't need to worry about the gate getting too hot.

Dreambaby Mayfair baby fireplace gate


What you get:

  • A gate of 147.5 inches wide and 29.5  inches high
  • 6 panels where  one of the panels serves as an entry door
  • Comes with wall mounts


Though this gate costs slightly more than some of the others, you get what you pay for, and that is a super sturdy gate that you can use anywhere in your home.

Dreambaby is a company that is well known for making top quality, lasting and cost-effective baby safety gear. This fireplace baby gate is no exception and will certainly not disappoint you.



Fireplace baby gate comparison

Below you can find a quick overview of what each brand offers regarding measurements and prices.







130 “














North States





Bany Dan



Black & White










Black & White



In the United States, almost 12 percent of all unintended deadly injuries of kids aged one to four is from fire and scalding. This substantial figure ought to warn us to take these possible hazards very serious. With a fireplace baby gate you can at least be sure your kids are safe from the hazards of your wood stove or open fire.



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