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Fifth Disease Pictures

See FIFTH DISEASE PICTURES, photos of a condition also known as ERYTHEMA INFECTIOSUM.

Although rashes of childhood diseases can be very similar in appearance, diagnosis of the fifth disease can easily be made by the distinctive rash on the child’s face.

fifth disease pictures

slapped cheeks -

Children with fifth disease have bright red colored cheeks. This is why the disease is commonly known as slapped cheek syndrome.

As you can see on the photos of children with fifth disease the rash on the body is different and has a lacy pattern.


During the first phase of the fifth disease the child develops a redness of the cheeks, chin and sometimes the forehead. This usually lasts no more than two to five days.

Cian Fifths


the fifth disease

During the second phase the child will develop red spots all over the body that will last about a week.

When the spots fade the rash has a typical lacy appearance as you can see on the fifth disease pictures above and below.

Fifths disease


Sometimes this rash can be itchy especially when it is on the soles of a child's feet. Oatmeal baths and applying some calamine lotion may provide some relief.

The third stage of fifth disease is that the rash sometimes comes and goes for several weeks to months. This is a normal development of the disease and no reason for concern.


Fifth disease diagnose

The child's symptoms and distinctive rash are usually enough to diagnose fifth disease but some doctors prefer to confirm it with a blood test that checks for antibodies against the human parvovirus B19 .

Testing for antibodies (immunity) against the virus is also done when a pregnant woman has possibly been exposed to the virus. Woman that are infected with the fifth disease during pregnancy have a small chance of fetal loss or miscarriage.



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