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17 examples of custom baby gates to inspire you

17 custom baby gates to inspire you


Having trouble finding a baby gate that matches your interior?

Then you may want to have a look at this list of custom baby gates. Here you will find plenty of ideas and easy tutorials. And guess what, most of them are inexpensive or made of recycled materials.



1. fabric baby gate

fabric custom baby gate

This gate is obviously not meant for the top of the stairs. But can be a handy temporary solution for when you are travelling or when visiting friends or family.

View instrucions at:


2. U-shaped custom baby gate

custom u shaped gate

Beautiful design and stylish solution for large and irregular openenings.

Find full instrucions at:


3. Easy to make white wooden baby gate

simple custom baby gate

I love the simplicity of this baby gate that blends beautiful in the home design. Easy to make and budget friendly.

Get the instructions from:


4. Homemade wooden baby gate

homemade wooden baby gate

Sturdy wooden gate for the top of the stairs.

Check out the design at:


5. The "dutch door" baby gate

the dutch door baby gate

Awesome idea, based on the Dutch door design. From one door you can make two baby gates.

Read more on:




6. modern Red baby gate

red door custom gate tutorial

This creative mom used a bold red color to turn an old spare door into modern baby gate.

Get this baby gate tutorial at:


7. High end custom baby gates

Custom baby gates fro blueantstudio

Joel Pirela managed to make a a very sophisticated looking baby gate of inexpensive poplar wood slabs

More about this design on: Blueantstudio


8. The see through baby gate

custom baby gate by chrislovesjulia

Stylish baby gate made with heavy duty plexi-glass and a wooden frame.

Tutorial for this gate:


9. The recycled crib gate

recycled crib baby gate

Genius idea the way this old crib is transformed into a custom baby gate.

Directions for this gate at: Thisinsanehouse


10. Custom baby gate made of PVC

custom baby gates made of pvc

This is a durable, non toxic, kid friendly baby gate made of furniture grade PVC and fittings.

Build this gate with instructions from


11. The "no-frills" pallet wood baby/pet gate

diy baby gate of pallet wood

A super easy to make little fence gate made of pallet wood.

Download this project from:


12. Extra wide DIY baby gate

extra wide diy baby gate

An old crib repurposed to block of a large opening. In this case both crib sides are used to create this baby gate.

Tutorial for this project:


13. DIY baby gate with cat door

custom baby gate from typicallysimple

This gate is made of plywood with a white trim added around the edges to blend perfectly with the color of the walls.

See full story :


14. The swing out custom made baby gate

diy baby gate from newcastlewoodworking

Searching for a baby gate that can both swing and/or telescope to open? This gate does completely swings out of the way when not in use but can also slide open to the desired width.

Download free plan from: Newcastlewoodworking


15. A soft baby gate for stairs

home made baby gate from craftquickies

Quick and easy solution to keep baby from climbing up the stairs made of plywood and some cute fabric.

How to make this? Go to:


16. The rustic farmhouse baby gate

olb barn door baby gate

Add some rustic farmhouse charm with this barn door baby gate made of pine boards and pine lumbers.

For detailed tutorial visit:


17. Cool pirate themed baby gate

hand made pirate stair gate

Awesome custom made gate with a nautical theme inspired by the Isle of Tortuga.

Step by step instructions at:

Have you seen designs of custom baby gates not featured in this list? We love to share your tutorial or handmade baby gate design on this page.

Found some great ideas here? Why not share it on your favorite social media network.



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