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A Christmas tree Baby gate is Moms saviour at Christmas time

Keep your baby and tree safe with a Christmas tree baby gate

How to keep the Christmas tree out of reach of your crawling toddler?

Are you worried that your Christmas tree may pose a hazard for your baby now he just started to crawl or walk around the house?.

Or, if you have a very lively toddler you may fear for the safety of your tree.

In this case, you have a few options.

  1. You can put this year a smaller tree higher up on a table where your toddler cannot reach it.
  2. You can decorate the tree with ornaments that are shatterproof. You can easily make your own of paper, burlap and pine cones.
  3. Or you can leave the tree in its natural beauty, without any decorations.

If you like none of these ideas and want your tree like every year in its full glory then you may need to find a way to block the Christmas tree from your baby. While you are busy with all the holiday preparations, an extra wide baby safety gate is your best option to baby proof the Christmas tree. It will prevent your toddler from going unsupervised near the tree.

On this page, you will find our favorite baby gates for around the Christmas tree.


Check out our top 5 Christmas tree gates.


1. Christmas tree baby guard by evenflo

christmas tree baby gate by Evenflo

Our favorite is this versatile play yard from Evenflo to fence your Christmas tree. With the standard 6 panels, Depending on how large your tree it is, you have the possibility to order the 2-panel extension.

  • Measures: 18.5 square feet
  • Wall mounting hardware:Not included
  • Colors: Cool Grey / Cream / Multi color
  • Material: Plastic

The gate does not come with a special access door but each panel is easy to disengage so you can have access to your tree. Another key point is that this gate is a self-standing item and cannot be attached to a wall. However, outside it can be anchored to the ground for if you want to use it outside in the garden.

Christmas tree baby gate reviewevenflo-review

You can buy this Christmas tree baby gate here



2. Christmas tree Baby gate by North States

christmas tree baby gate by North states

You should be able to enjoy Christmas with the family instead of being on guard all the time. This gate will make sure that your toddler will not go near the Christmas tree.

The Northstate Superyard Playgate allows you to build a large enclosed area around your tree. A super yard made of sturdy and weather resistant material that you can also use as a toddler play yard.

  • Measures: 18.5 square feet
  • Wall mounting hardware: Not included
  • Colors: White
  • Material: Plastic

The Northstate Superyard Playgate is intended for children from 6 - 24 months. Older children may be able to climb over the fence.



3. baby gate for christmas tree by Summer Infant

extra wide baby gate for christmas tree

Another suitable gate from Summer Infant that you can use to baby proof the Christmas tree. This is a large baby gate which includes six panels of 30" high and one of the panels serves as a walk-through door that swings both ways.

  • Measures: 19 sq. feet
  • Hardware included: No
  • Colors: Tan
  • Material: Plastic

Another cool thing is that this gate is not only useful at Christmas time. You can also use it to create a safe space out in the garden or for a day out on the beach.

The Summer Infant Secure Surround is an affordable option if you are looking for a Christmas tree baby gate



4. Christmas tree protection from Regalo

This baby gate has a wonderfully sleek design and a must have if you need a barrier around the Christmas tree. Because of its attractive design, many parents use it at the bottom of the staircase or around the fireplace. If you don't wish to use it as a free-standing gate you can mount it to the wall.

  • Measures: Enclose 19 sq. feet
  • Hardware included: Yes
  • Colors: White
  • Material: Metal

The Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard consists of 8 metal panels and encloses 19 square feet area.



5. Christmas gate baby fence - the 3 in 1 Metal Gate

north states christmas tree gate

Another very strong gate from North States Industries made of powder coated metal. A very durable gate for in and outdoor use and a perfect choice for parents that need to baby proof the Christmas tree. With this gate you don't have to be on guard all the time and worry that your little one may break or put an ornament in the mouth.

  • Measures: Enclose 19 sq. feet
  • Hardware included: Yes
  • Colors: Beige
  • Material: Metal

The North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate can be used a Christmas tree baby gate as well as a fire place gate.

Of course, buying one of these gates is a win-win situation. These gates are so versatile that they can be used for a number of purposes. The Christmas tree you store away for the next year but the gate can be used as a toddler play yard, a hearth gate, pet gate or a barrier for a large or irregular opening.

You will see that buying one of these gates for Christmas tree protection is an investment you will not regret.




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