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A child gate - All you need to know about baby gates before purchasing

child gate

A child gate is a safety barrier designed to keep a baby away from the hazards in your home.

With the arrival of a new baby in the family home , parents are forced to see their home in a different light. All of a sudden dangers are lurking in every area of the home. The easiest way to protect a child is by limmiting the space he has acces to by installing baby safety gates.

Safety gates come in many different sizes and materials. Don't choose gates that are made of plastic or cheap wood. These materials may not hold and result in serious injuries.

Nothing is too much when it concerns your baby's safety. Always check handles and releases. A baby gate should lock well and also open easily with one hand while you are holding your baby.


Where and how to place the gate

Before you buy a gate you should check and maybe write down a few things.:

  1. In the first place decide on the location, where are you going to put the gate. For example, the doorway to the kitchen requires a different gate than a gate one uses for the top of the stairs.
  2. Second, you need to measure the opening where the gate will go. Size is important! When a standard baby gate doesn't fit you may need to look for an extra wide baby gate or check if you can get a gate extension.
  3. And third, do you need an stallation kit to install the baby gate? If the gate is not installed in a wood framed door opening, you may have to create a mountable surface with a gate installation kit.

Read on to see which baby gate best suits your needs?

Pressure Mounted Safety Gates

pressure mounting

Pressure mounted safety gates have cushion pads that press to the wall to get a proper, secure fit in your doorways. No screws are required that could possibly damage your wall.

The gate’s vertical bars prevent toddlers from climbing over and and there is not enough space for a toddlers head to get in between. Beware they are not suitable for the top of the staircase. These gates may not hold the weight of your child if he leans too hard on it.

  1. Carlson extra wide gate with pet door
  2. Munchkin easy close metal safeway gate
  3. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Walk Thru Gate

Hardware (wall) Mounted Safety Gates

All these gates need to be screwed in a solid surface like a doorframe or wall. Consequently they are also stronger than any other type of gate and offer greater stabitlity and security. The down side is that they are often complicated to install and once they're removed they leave holes that need to be patched.

Hardware mounted gates are the only safe gates for the top of the stairs.


Extra wide (expandable) baby gates

Sometimes it can be hard to find an extra wide gate to block off a larger opening . The following two extra wide child gates are worth recommending.

1# Summer Infant Sure and Secure 6 Foot Metal Expansion Gate - This secure hardware mounted design is wide enough to block openings of 44'' to 72''( 106cm to 183cm). The stylish arched walk thru door can be opened with one hand. Because of the hardware mounted design it is also safe to be used at the top of the stairs.

2# Regalo Extra Wide Widespan Gate - This metal walk-thru gate fits a variety of openings ranging from 29.5 inches to 58 inches. No need to purchase extra extensions this gate includes a 4, 6, and 12 extension kits. The gate is pressure mounted and quick and easy to install.


Travel Safety Gates

A Portable Travel Gate is an easily collapsible gate you can take with you when you travel or just to use when visiting the grandparents or a friend's house.

travel gate


The Evenflo Crosstown Soft Portable Travel Gate has quick fold collapsible sides and fits conveniently in a carry bag (is included). This pressure mounted gate is 27" tall and expands from 38" to 60" wide, fitting nearly every opening.


Retractable Baby Gates

Retractable gates or expanding gates. These gates are a great solution for smaller spaces. The Lascal Kiddy Guard rolls out of the way when you don't need it. This retractable gate can be used in doorways 51" wide.

expandable gate

The North States Expandable Swing Gate is great way of protecting your child. This gate swings open in either direction even with the use of one hand.

It is an extra-wide child gate that fits openings of 24"- 60" wide and it comes with secure 4-point steel mounting hardware.

This well priced gate (only $39.99) is great value for money.



Fireplace Safety Gate

These child gates consist of several panels and are often used in front of a fireplace or around a christmas tree. This is a way to protect children from fireplaces ,wood burning stoves and barbeques.

Hearth gate

The KidCo Hearth Gate consists of 5 interlocking sections. The walk through gate section opens in both directions with a simple one ( adult) hand release.

If you have a large fire place or the area you wish to block is wider than the standard size of 6 ft. you can buy aditional sections.

Read more in our post: 7 Fireplace baby gate ideas to help you choose


decorative baby gates

Home decor oak wood gate

All of these child gates come in many colors and designs so they can easily blend in your home decor.

Lets be honest many of the metal safety gates will suit their purpose but are aesthetically not very pleasing.

For those who want to spend a bit more on a child gate made of wood check out the following designs.

The Home Decor Stair Baby Gate is beautifully crafted design in furniture quality wood to complement your decor.

As a parents you want the best for your child. That's why you should always choose gates made of high quality materials and a durable mounting systems. Look for a JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) seal to make sure you choose a safety gate that has been tested both during and after the manufacturing process.


Latest baby gate recall

The most recent baby safety gate recall was in May 12, 2015. After 18 incidents worldwide, IKEA recalled the PATRULL KLĂ„MMA and PATRULL SMIDIG Safety Gates.

The reason for the recall is that the pressure mounted mechanism is not strong enough to hold the gate, therefore posing a falling hazard for children. Consumers can get a full refund when they return the gate to any IKEA store nearby.



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