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The best colic remedy for infants

The best colic remedy for infants


Ready to discover the best colic remedy that will give fast relief for baby's gas pain?

Have you tried everything to soothe your infant, but nothing seems to work? .

Caring for a baby with colic can be very stressful. If you feel overwhelmed or desperate because you can't calm your baby, leave your baby in the safety of it's crib and ask for help.

If walking with your baby and gently bouncing him over your shoulder or taking him for a car ride is not sufficient to help him relax, then check out our list with ideas on how to treat colic in infants.

Keep in mind that every baby responds different. Some treatments will work and others may not work.


The best colic remedy for baby - 8 things you should know!

  1. Switch to an infant formula for colic. Enfamil Gentlease is an infant formula with reduced lactose (about 1/5 the lactose of a full lactose, routine, milk-based formula) and broken-down proteins. This milk-based blend is similar to breast milk and promises to ease your baby's fussiness and gas pain in 24 hours.
  2. Breastfeeding moms can try to change their diet. By eliminating certain foods from your diet such as tea, coffee, spicy food may help reduce baby colic symptoms. Try to reintroduce these foods one by one and you may be able to find out which foods are upsetting your baby’s tummy.
  3. Swaddling your baby is the best colic remedy that even doctors recommend. Swaddling has many benefits. It will make your infant feel warm and secure, make him sleep longer and deeper and may also prevent SIDS.
  4. Massage your baby. Some parents swear that massage is the best colic remedy for babies. Baby massage has plenty of other benefits like creating a bond between you and your baby, relaxation for both you and the baby and it is also helping your baby's development.
  5. Try the COLIC HOLD. Babies love to be carried this way and the new view will distract them from their colic pain. Simply place your baby face down along your fore arm, while baby's face rests on your hand. (See photo)
  6. Get an inexpensive white noise cd. Sometimes the best colic remedy is something that creates a soft and monotonous sound, and makes the baby sleepy.This can be the noise of a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher or the hum of a fan. White noise can have amazing results and is definitely worth trying.
  7. Letting baby burp more often. Letting your baby burp during and after feeding is the best way to get rid of excessive baby gas. Simply put your baby up on your shoulder, with her head on your shoulder and give her some firm pats on the back. You can also try different burping techniques.
  8. Use a Crib vibrator. The crib vibrator is for some a successful non-invasive treatment for reducing symptoms of colic in infants. How does it work? An electrical vibrating unit is attached to the crib and simulates the feeling of going for a car ride.


For some reasons colic is very rare in developing nations. Possibly because in these countries mothers carry their babies with them all the time and feed them on demand.

This is of course impossible in developed countries where lots of women have to work to support their families. But even carrying your baby in a baby sling for three hours a day can be the best way to prevent new colic attacks.

For ages people have been playing and singing soothing music to help their baby get to sleep. Who knows, your voice may be the best colic remedy that will help to calm your baby.



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