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Bed bug symptoms in baby's nursery? Here Is what you should do

What bed bug symptoms should alert you that you may have a bed bug infestation in the baby room?

bed bug symptoms in baby's crib

Usually one of the first signs is when your baby gets bitten.

If you look carefully you can see droppings on sheets and mattresses.

Sometimes you can also see crushed bugs or blood stains on the sheets.

With a severe infestation one of the most typical symptoms of bed bugs is a heavy sickly sweet odour in your house.


What do bed bugs look like?

A bed bug (Cimex Lectularius) has a reddish brown colour that gets darker when they are fed on human blood.This wingless bug is not larger than an apple seed. There are five nymphal stages before they reach maturity.A baby bed bug (nymph) has a much lighter beige colour.

A bed bug egg is smaller than a pinhead. Adult bed bugs lay about three to eight eggs at a time. Bed bugs, young bed bugs and bed bug eggs are often spread by luggage, clothing, bedding and furniture.The problem is they can live without feeding from several months to a year. The eggs can often be found in cracks and crevices.

Photo of adult bed bug

adult bed bug

Photo of bed bug nymph

bed bug nymph

Photo credit: Piotr Naskrecki.


Bed bug bites are usually the first bed bug symptoms. They are very itchy and can result into a very nasty skin rash. Read more on our page about identifying a bed bug rash and the best way to treat bed bug bites.


How to treat a bed bug infestation with a baby in the house?

How to kill bed bugs? It is a tough job killing bed bugs. Getting rid of bed bugs requires persistence. If you recognize one of these bed bug symptoms in your house do the following:

  • Remove all soft bedding and wash in the washing machine as hot as possible.
  • Bed bugs and bed bug eggs won't survive a steaming hot iron. So iron all sheets , blankets and mattresses if possible. You can also use a Bed Bug Steamer to effectively kill bed bugs and mites.
  • Vacuum everything in the room. Lift the mattress and vacuum every little crack that could hide bed bugs and mites.
  • Stuffed toys and animals should be put in plastic bags and remain there for several weeks.
  • Then spray the whole area and don't forget to spray behind pictures, drapes, wall sockets and closets. Be very thorough and spray every crack, crevice and corner.
Bed bug picture
bed bug picture

Getting rid of bed bugs when you have a baby in the house can be very difficult. As a parent you don't want to use chemicals and pesticides that can harm your baby.

Some pesticides can cause cancer, central nervous system damage and respiratory illnesses. They can also have toxic affects on the human reproductive, endocrine and immunological systems. Inhaling of these toxic chemicals may affect your baby's development. 

Fortunately there are new and non-toxic products on the market today that can be used instead of harmful toxic chemicals.


Non-toxic repellants

EcoRaider bed bug spray


The EcoRaider bed bug spray is a non-toxic and green product that does not contain unsafe chemicals like permethrin and pyrethrin. It can be sprayed directly on infested areas like matressess and box springs. For most, this spray will eliminate the bed bugs with one thorough treatment as it will stay effective for up to two weeks

It will not only kill adult bed bugs but also the eggs and the bugs in the nymphal stage. Where the smell of other bed bug sprays will force you out of your home this spray has a refreshing cedar scent.


bed bug dust Diatomaceous earth


Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is made of very finely crushed fossils called diatoms. This light dust sticks easily to the bodies of bed bugs and dries the bed bug out by destroying it's exoskeleton.

Follow to instructions that come with the product. Best is to apply it to cracks and crevices and use it in combination with a bed bug spray for optimal effect.




Bed bug prevention

Newton Baby

Always examine used baby cribs and furniture carefully before bringing it home. Be especially careful of used mattresses.

Use a bed bug proof mattress cover. A bed bug crib mattress cover encasementMattress cover will ensure a healthy and and hygienic sleep environment for your baby.

When you wrap your mattress and box spring in a special encasement you will cut of the bed bug's food supply,which will eventually kill them. It will also stop them from invading other rooms in your house.

It is wise to protect your luggage with a Bed Bug Luggage Spray when you are travelling as these little buggers are often brought in our homes from infested hotel and motel rooms.

Start bed bug treatment with the first of bed bug symptoms, this will make it a lot easier to get rid of them.



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