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Baby proofing products

Baby Proofing Products: What do you need? our tips will help you decide!

baby proofing products

As the due date approaches, one of the things that will inevitably cross any parents mind is whether their home is ready for the introduction of an infant.

The obvious questionis will raise. How much is this project of baby proofing your house going to cost?

Did you know that parents spend between $216 to $701 on baby proofing products?

Baby proofing may not be particularly important during the first few months as the baby will usually be confined to its crib, but once that baby realizes there is a whole world beyond the basket, nowhere will be out of bounds.


Services to help you choose baby proofing products

Baby-proofing services are available from specialized companies who will come into your home and survey the risks and dangers. The qualified professionals, usually mothers themselves will show you exactly where the traditional dangers lie and what can be done to prevent your child from hurting themselves.

They will advise the best baby proofing products on the market and have them installed for you and even train you on how to use them effectively. It will surprise you how many dangers can lurk in places that you do not expect and the professional baby-proofer will spot every foreseeable problem.

Click here to find a baby proofing expert in your area.


learn how to use baby proofing products better than the pros

If you prefer to do it yourself, which will certainly cut down the cost of child proofing a home, we have many topics covered on this page. Here you will find answers to your most burning questions about baby proofing and the areas in a home that need your special attention.

What type of child gate should you buy?

child safety gates



Do you need a baby safety gate to prevent your child from falling down the stairs or entering certain rooms in the house? In this article we will help you understand the purpose of different types of safety gates and what to consider before you purchase a gate.


Top 10 baby proofing products you will need

child proofing the home


There are many infant safety products for baby proofing the house available. But how do you decide what baby proofing products to buy. Let us show you ways to baby proof your home.


kitchen safety for kids - 5 helful products all under $10.00

5 budget-friendly products for kitchen-safety for kids


If you are looking for products to lock kitchen cupboards and drawers and to secure furniture and appliances, then you may like to check out these 5 inexpensive gadgets.



A Christmas tree gate - Moms saviour at Christmas time

christmas tree baby gate


The one time you will be thankful for a baby gate is at Christmas time. Check out our top 5 christmas tree gates to keep your baby from going near the Christmas tree.



Creative ways to use a toddler play yard

toddler play yard


You may find that as your baby grows older that a standard or portable play pen does not provide enough space to keep your little one happy for long. Modern toddler play yards make it possible for you to create a safe play area for your little crawler. See what you can do with a multi-paneled super play yard.


Child safety locks - best choices to secure cabinets, doors and windows

child locks


Some parents have found themselves confronting major issues in finding the appropriate child safety locks when baby proofing. Here are some powerful locks that are inexpensive and easy to install.



Prevent Falls With A Top Of The Stairs baby Gate

baby stair gate


A baby stair gate is probably the most important type of safety gate your baby. A fall from the top of the stairs may cause serious head injuries, and even the dead to a small child. Check out the most suitable gates one can use for the top of the stairs.


17 Custom Baby Gates To Inspire You

custom made baby gates


Examples of custom baby gates that parents can make themselves. 17 DIY baby gate projects with free tutorials. Using plywood, poplar wood and repurposed old baby cribs.



Install baby gates in minutes whith the right tools

install a baby gate


Installing a baby gate can become a real headache when you need to install it on an angle. Don't miss our tips and tricks on how to install safety gates on a banister, an angle or dry wall.


Choosing the best fireplace baby gate

baby gate for fireplace


Do you believe it is hard to find an attractive fireplace baby gate, that allows you to enjoy your log fire and will not ruin the look of your beautiful interior, then let us help you choose by showing you the best 7 fireplace baby gates.



What to do when your baby or toddler shows signs of alcohol poisoning?

When babies and toddler get access to alcohol the results can be disasterous. The tiniest amount of alcohol can be deadly for a baby. Learn to recognize the signs of alcohol poisoning.




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