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8 Baby Bouncer Seat Safety Issues You Probably Don't Know About

baby bouncer seat safety

A baby bouncer seat is a must have for baby's first year. They are perfect for amusing your baby and keep him or her safe for a little while.

Baby bouncers are very popular as they are lightweight, can easily be used in multiple places and do not cost a lot.

The fact that every year several thousands of infants get injured in a bouncer seat, shows that not all parents know how to use a bouncer correctly.

Most of these injuries you can easily prevent if you just stick to the following safety rules.




8 seat safety tips for using a bouncer

  1. On the label of the bouncer seat is a weight and height limit. Most baby bouncers are designed for babies that weigh between 18 and 30 pounds. A child that is able to sit on its own is too big for the bouncer..
  2. The most dangerous thing to do is use a bouncer seat as a car seat. Bouncers should always be placed on a solid and steady surface so the rocking movements won't make them tip over. Most accidents happen when bouncers are placed on a couch or table.
  3. For better stability the base of the baby bouncer should be wider than the seat itself, but not so wide that it becomes something you may tip over.
  4. Do not let your baby unsupervised in a baby bouncer even if you think he or she is asleep.
  5. Before you first start using the seat check if it has any sharp edges that could possibly hurt your baby
  6. It is important they have a three point or preferably five point harness to protect baby from falling out of the bouncer
  7. Make sure your baby cannot reach window cords, dangling lamp cords or heat sources like a radiator or an oven.
  8. Make safety your prime concern and look for the JPMA (Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association) Certification Seal before buying a baby bouncer seat.


Finding the best baby bouncer

If you are looking for the perfect bouncer seat than you will probably be amazed. The choice seems unlimited making it hard to pick one. Let's look at some bestselling products in each category.


Best quality baby bouncer

Without doubt Fisher Price is the big leader in producing high quality bouncer seats. Not only do they have eye catching, colorful designs but they all come with toys, songs and sounds and vibrations to sooth a baby.

Definitely a favorite is The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer which is ideal for newborns to babies of 6 months.


snuggapuppy baby bouncer

My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer


Made by: Fisher-Price
Price: from $59.99

  • Padding: Is easy to remove and machine washable
  • Entertainment: Cute overhead mobile
  • Max. Weight: 25lbs:
  • Movement: Vibrates
  • Battery life: 50 hours
Buy here


The most user-friendly baby bouncer

As with most Swedish designs the secret lies in its simplicity. But don't let the basic look fool you. With Baby Björn you will only get the best and pediatrician approved products.

The quality of the Baby Björn Bouncer lies in its ergonomic design. They pay a lot of attention to proper back and head support. The bouncer packs flat in minutes for storage or travel. Your child will love this chair. When he grows older you can just take of the cover and use it as a comfortable toddler chair.


BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft

Baby Björn Bouncer

Made by: Baby Björn
Price: from $146.34

  • Padding: Super-soft cotton jersey fabric
  • Recline: 3 positions + 1 transport mode
  • Weight: From 8 to 29 lbs
  • Batteries: Not needed
  • Movement: Bounces through baby's own movements
Buy here


The best value for money bouncer

The bright starts Safari Smiles bouncer is a lightweight, straightforward baby bouncer. If you are looking for a good quality bouncer for a low price, this unisex baby bouncer chair is a great choice. It has a colorful padding with cheerful safari characters and patterns. You will also appreciate the timer feature. This will save you batteries as it makes sure that vibrations and music shut off after 15 minutes.


The bright starts safari smiles bouncer

Safari Smiles Bouncer

Made by: Bright Stars
Price: from $29.95

  • Padding: Plastic and polyester
  • Entertainment: plays 7 melodies + 3 sunny toys
  • movement: Vibrates
  • Weight: Up to 20lbs
  • Batteries: 3C (not included)
  • Recline: 1 position

Buy here



The new generation baby bouncer

Times are changing and so does the look of bouncing chairs for babies. Bright colors and battery operated bouncers may soon be something of the past. The time is here that we can control the movements and sounds of a baby bouncer with our smart-phone or tablet.

The 4Moms Mamaroo is for parents that like a sophisticated looking baby bouncer. The only downside is that some parents may find its price too steep. Understandable if you consider that you will use the bouncer only for a few months. Nonetheless, I think you should check out all the wonderful features this bouncer seat has to offer.

4Moms Mamaroo baby bouncer



Best organic baby bouncer seat

Bloom offers a wide range of stylish and very unique baby furniture. For example the Bloom Coco Stylewood baby lounger with its curved wooden frame looks more like a beautiful piece of living room furniture than a baby bouncer seat.

Their natural line of eco friendly baby products is made with low VOC finishes and formaldehyde free adhesives. The coco seat padding is made of leather but can be replaced by a seat pad of 100% organic fabric. The lounger requires no assembly; all you need to do is attach the seat to the frame.


Bloom Coco baby lounger

Bloom coco stylewood baby lounger

Made by: Bloom
Price: from $195.00

  • Padding: Leather or 100% organic coton
  • Frame: Pressed wood
  • Movement: Self rocking motion
  • Weight: Newborn up to 26lbs
  • Batteries: not needed
  • Recline: 1 position

Buy here



When to stop using a baby bouncer seat

BABY BOUNCER AGE is from infancy to about 6 months. Once your baby can sit up unassisted or is over the weight limit stop using the baby bouncer seat because it may tip over. Because many parents prefer something they can use a bit longer manufacturers invented the infant-to-toddler rocker.

The so called infant-to-toddler rocker is a bouncer seat that you can use from infancy to toddlers up to 40 pounds. The kickstand can be used to stabilize the rocker and it becomes a cute little chair for your toddler.

infant to toddler rocker

Infant To Toddler Rocker, Dark Safari

Made by: Fisher-Price
Price: $36.76

  • Colorful animal design
  • Padding is easy to remove for washing
  • Very lightweight and portable
Buy here


How long should baby be in a bouncer?

Many parents want to know how long they can leave baby in a bouncer seat. A safe time is from 20 to 30 minutes and then move baby to the safety of its crib. Some babies get easier of to sleep with the gentle movements of their bouncer than lying in their crib. But its not a good idea to let him sleep in the bouncy seat.

Note that on the label it should say that they are not intended for long periods of sleeping. Read the story of 3-month-old Leia-Mai, the baby girl that died after being left in bouncer for hours when mum fell asleep.

A serious baby health risks is that a baby can die of hypoxia. Especially babies under 4 months are at risk as their head may fall forward and cut off the airway. To prevent this happening with infants keep the bouncer in the most reclined position.

If you leave your infant too long in a baby bouncer seat he or she is also at risk of developing positional plagiocephaly (flattened head syndrome).



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