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Baby acne rash pictures to identify the rash on your baby's face


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Are you searching for baby acne rash pictures?

We have collected some images of baby acne, to help you identify the rash on your infant's face.

Rashes on baby's face are very common but always a concern for the mother.

No mother likes to see her new baby's flawless complexion to be ruined by ugly red pimples and whiteheads.

In some cases, it is very obvious that a baby suffers from neonatal acne, but there are other rashes that may look very similar to baby acne.


Baby acne rash pictures

Baby acne or acne neonatorum is often confused with heat rash, milia and sometimes eczema. On the photo below the acne rash is covering baby's face. The red spot between the eyes is a stork mark also known as salmon patch.


Baby Acne Rash Picture;


baby acne photo


baby acne rash photo
Photo by casequin

Baby acne rash pictures
Photo by: ULUBLOOM - lucia

Never pick or try to squeeze your baby's acne pimples. You will only make matters worse by risking an infection.

If you are worried that all those pimples on baby's face will ruin a well planned photo shoot, no need to cancel it or try to cover your baby with concealer. Every modern photographer masters photoshop and will know the tricks how to vanish those red spots on your baby's face.



How to prevent infant acne?

Infant acne is caused by hormonal changes and there is really not much you can do to prevent it. Keep baby's skin clean and don't use any harsh detergents and soaps. Click here if you like to know how to care for baby's acne. For the rest it's a matter of patience, as within a few weeks the acne pimples will disappear on their own.



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