Designing Unique Baby Rooms.
Start Your Baby Room Project With Safety In Mind

unique baby rooms project

Designing unique baby rooms is more than just choosing color schemes and nursery furniture.

Sure the aesthetic element is very important but your baby's safety should be a top priority when you prepare this special place for your bundle of joy.

Before buying the furniture lets begin with making a floor plan. You don't want the baby room to be packed with furniture with no space left for your baby to play.

At you can create and share interactive floor plans for your baby room online. Floorplanner basic is free for personal use.

Pottery Barn Kids also offers a free nursery design tool to help you getting started.


Stylish Nursery Decor

Next make a list of the things you will need for the baby room and schedule your budget.

Set a price for all the items you plan to buy like a crib, other firniture, bedding and lights. Don't forget you may have to spend on paint supplies and flooring.

If you know your baby's gender you can decorate a special boys or girls baby room. If not, you can choose gender natural colors or a theme suitable for boys and girls. Check out this lovely gender neutral grey and yellow owl themegender neutral grey and yellow owl theme or this summery surf baby theme.summery surf baby theme

For unique baby rooms there is also an unlimmited choice of Disney themes.

To start designing your baby room it is a good thing to start with the walls and the floor.


Unique baby rooms flooring ideas

Nursery flooring should be free of allergens and easy to clean. To prevent accidents prefer soft, cushioned flooring materials.

The following floorings have been voted the best nursery flooring materials for a modern baby room.

Rubber or Foam interlocking tiles

foam interlocking tiles


These materials are specially designed for kids rooms and are non toxic, free of PVC, lead and latex.

The tiles are also sound absorbing, shock absorbing and slip-free. For this reason they are often used in daycares.

Stay away from synthetic carpets that possibly contain VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). If you like to add a rug to the nursery prefer the ones made of natural materials like wool and cotton.


carpet flooring

Provides a soft and warm environment for your baby. Unfortunately not the best choice for babies with an allergy.

Carpets can hold dust mites well known to cause asthma attacks and need to be vacuumed often.

Carpet floors are slip-free but not as easy to clean as cork and linoleum.

Cork flooring

The "green" choice for a toxin free baby room. Give your baby the benefit of starting life in a healthier, friendlier, softer environment.

Cork has many other benefits. Cork is durable, comfortable, shock and sound absorbing and easy to clean. In fact cork is a natural mold and germ resistant material.

Cork flooring is very easy to install with its click and lock pieces . Be careful not to drag any nursery furniture across your new cork floor this may cause scratches.

Bamboo flooring

flooring ideas for the nursery

Use bamboo flooring to create a real unique baby room. Did you know bamboo is not a wood but a grass?

Bamboo is strong and durable with the look of natural wood without causing damage to the environment.

Bamboo is a harder flooring than cork and can be slippery for your child when it is wet. To protect your bamboo flooring from scratching or staining use rugs on high traffic areas.

Linoleum flooring

Linoleum flooring is made of all natural materials like pine resins, cork dust, sawdust, and has a jute backing. Linoleum is durable, easy to clean and scratch free.



Unique baby rooms; decorating the nursery walls

decorating nursery walls

For decorating your nursery walls there are numerous options.

Apart from the traditional paint, wallpapers and murals you can find a wide range of wall letters, stickers and hangings.

Usually the first step is to prepare the walls for a new layer of paint.

Do not use just any paint but look for paints low in VOc's or VOC free.


Better options for your baby's health are:

  • Ceramic paint.
    Ceramic paint is low in VOC's and durable. The only downside is that it is hard to obtain.
  • Natural Paints.
    These paints are made from milk casein, bee's wax or clay. Bioshield clay paint uses clay one of the oldest materials to produce wall paints. At you can find environment friendly milk paint (casein paint) made from natural materials like curdled milk, lime and pigment.

Inhaling of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) in paint can result in asthma attacks, eye irritation and nausea. Cancer and liver disease have been linked to prolonged exposure.


Wall letters, stickers and hangings

Now comes the fun part, decorating the walls with letters, stickers or paint on murals.

Let your designer juices flow by creating unique baby rooms with the help of a wide range of wall coverings on the market today.


The easiest way to create unique baby rooms is with wall sticker applications that can be glued to the wall, but also easy removed without leaving any residue on the walls.



Wall letters

Give the nursery a very personal touch with wall letters that spell out baby's name.


Wall letters are also creative method of teaching your children the alphabet.

One of the newest trends in wall design is wooden wall letters and painted words and phrases.





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