Safe Baby Products - Your Guide For Purchasing New Baby Gear

choosing safe baby products

When purchasing safe baby products for your little one you may not know what to look out for.

Being a parent is hard! Who knew that knowing that your sole responsibility of keeping another little human being alive could be so terrifying?

The world suddenly becomes a scary place, and everything looks like a possible death trap.

Here are some easy rules to remember to help you make sure you are purchasing the safest baby products for your precious little one.

  • Do your research. Always look into the product and do your proper research. Make sure that they are no recalls on the product and read other customer's reviews. This will give you a better idea of what to expect and sometimes may persuade you to purchase something else. 
  • Ask around. If you are looking at a specific baby product, such as a car seat or a type of monitor, ask your friends who are parents. They went through the whole trial and error process before you, therefore doing most of the work. They can tell you what worked for them and what they avoided. It is hard to be completely up to do date on new information so they may know something about a baby product that you may not.

Safe baby products - recommendations for finding the highest quality

Looking for safe baby products is not an easy task. In fact, a lot of parents are willing to spend tons of money just to make sure that they're little bundles of joy are safe and sound.

safe baby stroller

How do you choose the right stroller?

Of course you want the safest and best strollers for your new baby. But price tags can be deceiving. An expensive stroller does not necessarily mean that its safer or better. Keep in mind that also expensive, brand name strollers can be found on CPSC's recall lists.. Read more..

product safety for car seat

Car seat safety Products

Car seat safety is one of your main concerns as a parent. When selecting a car seat for your child, it is essential to acquire the appropriate seat for the ideal height and weight of the child. The following instructions will assist you with infant car seat placement in the most efficient way.


car baby monitors

Is Buying a Car Baby Monitor Worth the Expense?

Learn all the benefits a car baby monitor has to offer. Not only is it an excellent safety device that focus a camera on the baby but also allows for minimal interruption while your driving.


safe baby carrier

Baby sling safety

Read our 7 Baby sling safety rules for hazard free babywearing. There are types of baby slings that have been recalled and you should avoid at all times. If you need help finding the right baby carrier for your child check out our page with baby sling reviews.


nipple thermometer

Buying a thermometer for baby

Confused and can't choose between the different thermometers you can buy? From thermometers for in the ear, thermometers for use on the forehead to heat sensitive plastic strips. See the top 5 best thermometers for babies and which give the most acurate reading?


Product safety a baby swing

Tips for choosing a baby swing

Modern baby swings come with many clever features. So before you go shopping for a new swing it is a good thing to find out what is avialable. Baby swings hide certain safety hazards you may like to read about.


eproduct safety for baby bouncer

Shopping for the best baby bouncer

If you are looking for a baby bouncer than you will probably get blown away by the very large choice of bouncy seats purchasable. Though bouncer seats are convenient for parents they are also the reason that every year about 2000 infants get hurt. Read more..


safe baby monitor

Picking the best Baby Monitor

Purchsing one of the best baby monitors available on the market appears the most logical idea. But it's unfortunate that some parents wrongly belief that money equals quality. The fact of the matter is, that a higher price doesn't automatically mean that you'll indeed get a superior product. We will give you a few guidelines to help you choose a first -rate baby monitor.


safe sunscreen products

Safe baby products for in the sun

Looking for safe baby products to protect your baby's skin? You may like to read about the best sunscreens for babies and toddlers and our top 10 safest sunscreens.


safe sunglasses for baby

Shop for high quality baby sunglasses

Finding a pair of quality sunglasses for your infant can be difficult. They need to provide good protection from the harmful rays of the sun and at the same time be extremely durable.



Used baby products

Buying used baby products can save you a considerable amount of money. Be careful with second hand baby gear sold through newspapers and online auction sites like ebay. Here are some golden rules for parents that want to buy second hand products for their infant.
Always check:

  • If they still carry the original safety labels and assembly instructions
  • If the product is sturdy and functions properly
  • Never buy products with missing parts, sharp edges or repaired damages.
  • If the specific product has ever been part of a recall


Beware of borrowing products without safety labels from neighbors or friends as many children have been injured this way in the past.


All-natural Baby Products

Lots of moms and dads are relying on organic baby care products for the wellness of their infants. There are several establishments and sites that offer every little thing from natural cotton onesies, to fabric diapering systems, and organic baby bath products.


Safety and security Standards and Recalls

As a moms and dad, your key duty is to maintain your child protected. New baby products are readily available everyday that offer better safety and security both in the house and when driving.
The best thing to do is to remain notified regarding brand-new security laws and recalled and unsafe baby products. We will try to help you understand just what security attributes to look for when you try to select safe baby products for infants and toddlers.

The united state federal government configures safety and security criteria for safe baby products. Along with seeking federal government accreditation, specifically on points like strollers and baby cribs, look for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) qualification. This company has greater safety and security criteria compared to the federal government and approves over 2,000 items from baby cribs to safety seats.




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