5 Incredible Useful Infant Car Seat Accessories You Can’t Afford To Miss

These infant car seat accessories will make all the difference between a stress-free car trip and a ride full of apprehension.

infant car seat accessories

There is no need when driving with your baby to look every 5 minutes over your shoulder, or pull to the side of the road to make your baby more comfortable.

The purpose of a car seat is to protect your baby in case of an accident, but you also need to make sure that your baby is comfortable in that car seat. There is no bigger distraction for a driving mother than a crying baby in the back.

We put together a list with infant car seat accessories to make your trips as safe as possible so you can reach your destination with the least possible distractions.

Our 5 favorite infant car seat accessories


1. Infant car seat head support

Many babies will fall asleep when you take them for a ride. It can be very distracting to see baby's head flopping from side to side.

infant car seat head support

Head supports are designed to position baby's head so the neck is properly supported. When purchasing an infant car seat head support make sure you don’t violate the car seat instructions and that it is crash tested. If you buy one of the supports that go around baby’s head you have to make sure baby’s head cannot fall forward in the chin to chest position.

Forcing baby’s head in a straight position may actually make it fall forward when he falls asleep. This may block of the airway and cause breathing problems. The best way to prevent this is by keeping the car seat reclined in farthest back position as the instructions allow.


2. Infant car seat liners

When looking for car seat accessories to keep you baby cool in his seat, then check out the Manito mesh seat liner. 


Made of breathable materials infant car seat liners are designed to keep baby cool and comfortable.

When you live in a warm climate and your car seat makes your baby sweaty and hot with every car trip, a good quality mesh car seat liner may be what you need. The liner allows air to circulate between the seat and the baby so your baby does not get overheated.

In winter you can turn the liner and use the rear side to keep baby warm. Before purchasing, it is recommended to check the car seat manual if you can use a liner with the seat. This way, you won’t put the baby unnecessary at risk.


3.Infant car seat winter covers

When thinking of infant car seat accessories the first thing that often comes to mind is a car seat cover.

infant car seat winter cover


The 7AM car seat cocoon is the best product to protect baby from the elements. This snug infant car seat winter cover will shield your infant from cold winds and snow. No need for baby to wear bulky winter jackets, just slip the cover over the car seat and the elastic will keep it in place. The cover does not interfere with the straps or the safety of the car seat.


4. Baby car seat toys

Fourth on our list of useful infant car seat accessories to keep baby happy is the Manhattan mobile to go travel toy.

infant car seat toys

Long trips can be boring for infants so why not get a toy that will entertain your little one and keep him occupied. Our favorite, Wimmer-Ferguson toys feature colorful, visual appealing graphics designed to engage baby that at the same time practice the infant’s developmental skills.


5.Baby backseat mirror

A highly popular and best seller in infant car seat accessories is this car seat mirror from DaffaDoot.

infant car seat mirror

Typically, parents buy a baby car mirror to make sure baby is ok while they’re behind the steering wheel. Especially, when an infant is in a rear facing car seat, it’s hard to see your baby without completely turning, and taking your eyes of the road.

When choosing a car seat mirror buy a good one that will remain fastened to the seat in case of a crash. The DaffaDoot Back Seat Baby Mirror is a crash tested and shatterproof mirror. You will notice how reassuring it is for you little one when he can see your reflection but also his own in the mirror.




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