A Christmas tree gate - Moms saviour at Christmas time

baby proofing with a christmas tree gate
Use a Christmas tree gate to protect it from your adventurous toddler.

How to keep the Christmas tree out of reach of your crawling toddler?

Every mom with a young baby that is crawling or walking around the house, will be worried about the Christmas tree posing a hazard for her child.

But, there is a simple way you can protect your tree and your baby!

While you are busy with all the holiday preparations, an extra wide safety gate can be a saviour at Christmas time.

On this page you will find a few suggestions for extra large baby gates that can be used as a gate around the Christmas tree, protecting it during this year's holiday celebrations.


Check out our top 5 Christmas tree gates.


1. Christmas tree gate - Northstate Superyard Playgate

christmas tree gate

You should be able to enjoy Christmas with the family instead of worrying all the time about your baby going near the Christmas tree.

The Northstate Superyard Playgate allows you to build a large enclosed area around the christmas tree.

The super yard is made of sturdy and weather resistant material and can also be used as a toddler play yard.

The gate is intended for children from 6 - 24 months. Older children may be able to climb over the fence.



2. Christmas tree gate - Summer Infant Secure Surround

extra wide baby gate for christmas tree

A bit cheaper is the Summer Infant Secure Surround, an extra wide baby gate made by Summer Infant and includes six panels of 30" high.

One of the panels serves as a walk through door that swings both ways.

Don't think these gates are only useful at Christmas time; they can also be used in the summer, out in the garden or for a day out on the beach.



3. Christmas safety gate - Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard

Regalo christmas tree gate

This baby gate has a wonderful sleek design and can not only be used as a barrier around the Christmas tree but also at the bottom of stair case and around the fire place.

The Regalo 4 In 1 Metal Play Yard consists of 8 metal panels and encloses 19 square feet area.

If you don't wish to use it as a free standing gate you can mount it to the wall with the included wall- mounting hard ware.



4. Christmas tree gate - Superyard xT play Yard

fencing the Christmas tree

Yet, another great play yard to fence your Christmas tree from North States Industries.

Depending on how large your tree it is, it's possible to order some extra panels. With the standard 6 panels the XT superyard measures about 18.5 sq ft and with 8 panels 34.4 sq ft.

The gate is easy to open if you need access to your tree. Note, this gate is a self standing item and cannot be .attached to a wall.



5. Christmas gate - North States 3 in 1 Metal Gate

north states christmas tree gate

Another very strong gate from North States made of powder coated metal. A very durable gate for in and out door use.

The North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate is the perfect choice for this year's Christmas tree baby gate.

What you get: 6 panels of 30" high for 10 square feet of space and wall mounting hardware.


Of course buying one of these gates is a win-win situation. These gates are so versatile that they can be used for a number of purposes. The Christmas tree you store away for the next year but the gate can be used as toddler play yard, hearth gate, pet gate or a barrier for a large or irregular opening.

I am sure buying one of these Christmas gates will be the best investment you made this year.





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