Buying a car baby monitor, is it worth the expense?


Reasons to invest in a car baby monitor.

The technology involved in child safety has advanced incredibly fast in recent years.

reasons to invest in a car baby monitor

We now have monitors for all scenarios so you can keep a watchful eye or ear on your little one at all times, day or night or even whilst driving.

The latest innovation in the field is baby monitors for your car so that you can keep a careful eye on your baby whilst concentrating on the road ahead.

What is a car baby monitor?

A driver’s main focus should always be on the road ahead and they should not have to be looking around every few moments in order to check if their babies’ pacifier has fallen out.

This can be extremely dangerous and disruptive for any driver. With that in mind, companies have started to produce baby monitors for cars that focus a camera on the baby whilst having a small screen available to the driver.

yana tiny traveler wireless car baby monitor

The screen is placed at an angle that minimizes the movement of the drivers head and helps them keep focused on the road.


Are they dangerous?

They are not dangerous and this is proven by the fact they are recommended by the health authorities of most countries.

It is proven that parents can be reaching around and turning around so often that they are completely distracted from dangers ahead and that is not only dangerous for themselves, but also for their children and other drivers on the road.

The monitor aims to prevent such movements and if you see that your baby requires attention then you can simply pull over when safe to do so.


What are the benefits?

  1. Helpful at night. Most monitors have a night vision mode that allows parents to keep an eye on their babies without turning around too often. You can check for example if they are still asleep or if blankets are covering their face. If needed you can safely pull over and act on emergencies.
  2. Keep your eyes on the road. These products were designed with safety in mind and allow drivers to monitor their children without look over their shoulder every few minutes. Safety bodies recommend using these products as they protect other driver as well.
  3. Peace of mind. You cans safely see your little one sleeping or smiling with the slightest movement of your head and avoiding unnecessary movements.
  4. Long distance journeys. The products are especially useful for long distance journeys where constant observation might be an issue.  


Are baby car monitors expensive?

Many online retailers now stock these products and they are becoming very popular.

Yana’s offer the Tiny Traveler digital wireless car baby monitor, a basic model for $118 which seems to be one of the best deals on the market.

Other retailers range from $100.00 to $250.00 and you can buy second hand models for cheaper.


Next best solution: A baby car mirror

Not convinced that its worth to invest in a car baby monitor then there is another solution. A baby car mirror is affordable and easy to attach directly to the headrests in the back seat.

Tilt the mechanism in the right angel and it gives you a clear view of your baby from the driver’s seat.

The down side is that most mirrors work only in cars with a headrest on the back seat, plus it lacks the night vision feature that comes with most baby car monitors.



A car baby monitor is a must have for anyone that can afford to spend a few extra dollars on baby equipment. It is an excellent safety device that allows for minimal interruption in your driving concentration, and you get to see your little one giggling and laughing all the way.




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