The best baby swings for new parents that need to sooth a fussy baby

Let us show you the best baby swings to comfort your baby. For parents with a colicky baby, a baby swing can be a complete lifesaver.

Best baby swings

For others it is just a nice way to entertain their baby with its rocking movements, music, lights, and moving objects.

There are also parents that find a baby swing helpful at night time to get their baby to sleep. Most babies love the movement and it helps them relax.

Even the best baby swings can become a hazerd if you don't take certain safety measures. To keep your baby safe in the swing there are a few things to keep in mind.


Baby swing safety advice

  • Make sure the baby swing you buy has a wide base and a strong and sturdy frame. This provides stability and prevents the swing from tipping.
  • Inspect the swing if it has any sharp edges that may injure your baby.
  • The swing should never be used on elevated or uneven surfaces.
  • A safe baby swing comes with infant head support and a good 5 point harness.
  • Never leave your baby unsupervised during operation of the swing.
  • Be careful not to exceed the weight limit provided by the manufacturer.
  • Never use with an active child that is able to climb out of the swing.





The different types of baby swings

Wind up baby swing - Graco produced  its first baby swing in 1954. The Graco Swyngomatic, a simple wind up swing, was a huge success and millions were sold worldwide. These hand operated models have been discontinued and have been replaced by battery operated and electric models. Some parents still think the old fashioned wind up swings were the best baby swings because they were economical and simple, but they are hard to find nowadays. Occasionally you may see a used one listed at eBay.

Battery operated baby swing - The majority of the modern baby swings are battery operated. Battery-operated swings are driven by a motor that requires four D or C batteries. If the swinging motion becomes noticeably slower, or sounds become faint or stop, remove the batteries and replace them with new ones. If the baby swing is not used for a longer period of time don’t forget to remove the batteries.

Electric baby swing - Some models plug right into a regular wall outlet. Having to buy new batteries regularly adds definitely to its operating cost. Eventhough the plug-in option saves on batteries very few baby swings offer this possibility. If you are looking for an elecric baby swing, the Fisher-Price Zen Collection Cradle Swing can be used with both batteries and wall outlet.

Baby hammock swing -The hammock style swing is made for newborns and small babies, just like a bassinet your baby will outgrow it by about three months. The "swinging" part of this baby swing has to be done manual. A beautiful design is the Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper Newborn rock and play sleeper that with a simple push from mom rocks the hammock gently. It can be used as a co-sleeper and is ideal for babies with reflux who need their head elevated.

Portable baby swing -The best solution if you are short of space is the portable baby swing. They are light weight and with the convenient carrying handles they can be easily carried from room to room or on a trip to grandma’s house. They are also more affordable than the standard baby swings. A great portable swing is the Bright Starts Portable SwingBright starts portable swing that offers everything you get with a full size baby swing.


Features the best baby swings should have

  1. Swing feature Look for a swing that allows both side to side cradle motion and head to toe swinging motion.
  2. Foldable -Most of these swings take up a lot of space. Look for a swing that folds for storage.
  3. Size of the swing- Before buying consider the size of the swing. Most of them have a wide base for stability and can be as big as a piece of furniture. If your home is small a portable swing would be a better choice.
  4. Machine washable seat. Choose a baby swing with removable padding and head support that you can wash in your machine.
  5. Safety belt- As with a infant car seat a five point safety harness is essential for baby’s safety.
  6. The padding The material of the seat should be comfortable and made of the softest fabrics.
  7. Reclining positions – The best baby swings have several recline positions. If the swing is used for newborns your baby should be able to lay far back to prevent breathing restrictions.
  8. Speed settings -Look for a swing with speed control to allow for a variety of graduated speed settings.
  9. Entertainment- Many swings come equipped with different songs, sound effects and mobiles with different dangling toys to entertain your baby.


SHOPPING for The best baby swings

You may like a baby swing that features multiple pruducts in one and can be transformed in a bouncer, high chair or toddler seat. This is a great idea if you are short of space and it saves you from buying multiple baby products as well.





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