The Most Secure Top Of Stairs baby gate

baby stair gate

A baby gate for the top of the stairscaes is probably the most important type of gate parents need to buy.

A parents worst nightmare is their baby falling from the top of the stairs. These falls may cause serious head injuries, and even the dead to a small child.

Recent studies reveal that every year almost 2000 children in the US need to be rushed to the emergency room because of baby stair gate related accidents.

Most of these accidents (60%) involved boys older than the of age of two.

How do those injuries occur?

  1. Parents carrying a baby down the stairs, somehow they slip and fall together with the child.
  2. By using a pressure mounted baby gate at the top of the stairs, a child can fall down together with the gate if he bumps into it with too much force.
  3. Not removing the gate when a child is old enough to climb over the gate.

There are a few things we can learn from this. For instance, stop using the baby gate when your child understands the potential dangers and is able to climb up and down the stairs on his own. By the age of two you can learn your toddler how to do this safely.

Also, for the top of the stairs the only safe gate is a hardware mounted baby gate. If you are afraid of damaging your walls or banisters read our post on how to install baby gates using an installation kit. Pressure mounted gates can be used at the bottom of the staircase and in doorways in between two rooms.


The best top of the stairs gate

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate


Easy Swing & Lock Gate, Bronze


Kidco Safeway Gate, Top of Stairs Gate, White





  • It should have vertical slats to prevent climbing.
  • The space between the slats should not allow a toddler’s head to fit through.









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