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Baby Stair Gate - The Most Suitable Gates For The Top Of The Stairs

baby stair gate


A baby stair gate is probably the most important type of gate to safeguard your baby from getting hurt.

A fall from the top of the stairs may cause serious head injuries, and even the dead to a small child.


The best top of the stairs gate

baby stair gate

The best baby gate for the top of the stairs is a hardware mounted baby gate. Like the Regalo Extra Tall Top of Stair GateExtra tall baby gate in the picture. A hardware mounted gate that is secured to the wall with screws.

Pressure mounted gates are very popular because they require no drilling holes in your walls or your banister posts.

The danger of pressure mounted baby gates used at the top of the stairs, is that they may come down if a child leans hard against it.



Safety issues concerning a baby stair gate

Here are a few safety features to look for when you buy a baby stair gate.

  • Stair safety gates should be high enough so your toddler is not able to climb over it.
  • A gate that swings open in both directions or which is changeable.
  • Hardware material for securing the baby gate on each side.
  • It should have vertical slats to prevent climbing.
  • The space between the slats should not allow a toddler’s head to fit through.
  • A solid locking mechanism for opening and closing. Some come with a bolt that can be opened by foot


If you want to do a proper job you will also need a baby safety gate at the bottom of the stairs. Babies can climb up the stairs, loose there balance and fall down. At the bottom you can use a pressure mounted baby gatePressure mounted baby gate if you want.

You can stop using the baby gate when your child understands the potential dangers and is able to climb up and down the stairs on his own.


Recommended child stair gates

Cardinal Gates Stairway Special GateCardinal stairway gate
Wall mounted, all metal construction. Can be mounted at angles. Gate is made of rust proof aluminum. Great for top of stairs.

Safeway Baby Gate by KidCoColorsSafeway baby stair gate
The Safeway Baby Gate has been rated number one for use at the top of a stairway, for a second time, by a leading independent consumer organization.




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