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Baby Sling Reviews - How to Pick the Right Carrier for your Child

baby sling reviews

With our baby sling reviews we hope to help you find the best, safest and most fashionable baby sling for your baby.

The four most common types of baby slings are the ring sling, pouch style sling, wrap around sling and the soft carriers.

Are you considering buying a baby sling or carrier but are intimmidated by the wide variety of slings available.

On this page we will compare the various types of slings that you can buy.


Baby sling reviews- the ring slings

A ring sling is a long piece of fabric with two rings at the end. By pulling the materiel through those rings, a pouch to support your baby is created. Ring slings are very popular because they can hold newborns as well as toddlers.

baby ring sling from
Photo from on flickr.

There are two types of ring slings, the open tail (tail is the fabric that hangs down from the ring) and the closed tail ring sling.

There is a choice of padded or unpadded ring slings. Padded slings are made to be more comfortable on the shoulder.

Because of the one shoulder design all the weight is on one shoulder.

It is important you spread the fabric evenly over the shoulder to prevent neck or shoulder problems.

A beautiful example is the Mamaway Ring Sling Baby Carrier with a generous "tail", ideal for covering up for some breastfeeding privacy.

In a ring sling you can wear your baby in numerous positions like forward facing, cradle hold or tummy to tummy.

The tummy to tummy position is preferred for newborn or young babies and can easily be done with a ring sling. In this position your baby is carried high on your chest, in an upright position, and you can easily keep a close eye on your baby.

These types of baby slings are also great to carry older babies on the hip or on the back.

Advantages of a ring sling

One of the main reasons this type of sling gets many positive baby sling reviews is because mothers can discreetly nurse their baby while wearing a ring sling.

With some practice they can also change baby's position or adjust the size of the sling without having to take the baby out of the sling.


Baby sling reviews - the wrap around sling

wrap around sling

Baby Wrap slings are types of baby slings made of long pieces of fabric of about 5 meters long and 90 cm wide. The fabric can be tied in many ways to form a carrier for your baby.

Wrap around carriers are suitable for newborn babies to toddlers and preschoolers. The fabric helps to distribute the weight evenly over the parent's body.

Learning to tie a wrap style carrier may seem terribly complicated but with a bit of practice in front of a mirror you will see how easy it actually is.

The advantages of wrap around slings:

  • They are adjustable
  • Easy to make yourself
  • Wide choice of carrying positions
  • Very comfortable even with older children

The wraps are separated in two types of baby slings, the stretchy and the woven wraps.


Baby sling reviews - the pouch sling

Pouches are types of baby slings where a piece of fabric is sewn in a tubular shape. By pulling the material (pouch) over the head and shoulder a pocket is created that holds the baby.

Many parents are not aware of the fact that a baby can suffocate in a sling. Read our tips and advice on how to prevent Positional Asphyxia and other sling safety issues you may not be aware of.

baby pouch sling


A pouch that fits well should keep your baby high and close. Pouches are perfect for first baby carriers but not so suitable for toddlers and heavy babies.

To avoid strain on back and shoulder you may have to change the shoulder that carries the pouch now and then.

Sizing is necessary with a pouch style sling because they are not adjustable. Choosing the right size is not only important for your comfort but also for baby's safety.

The advantages of a pouch are:

  • you can easy and quickly get your baby in and out.
  • they are very affordable.
  • easy to learn
  • no rings or clips to adjust
  • small enough to fit in a diaper bag

With a pouch you can carry your baby in many different ways like the cradle carry and the modified cradle carry.


Baby sling reviews - the Asian baby slings

Cuddlebug mei tai carrier

Types of baby slings that originate from Asian countries are the Mei Tai and the Podaegi also refered to as ABC or Asian Backpack Carriers.

ABC carriers are used for front, hip and back carrying.

The well known Mei Tai Asian baby carrier is a soft carrier made of a square piece of material with straps on two or all four corners.

Mei Tai baby carriers come in many different colors and varieties. You can find various strap lengths and widths, padded or unpadded shoulders and some offer baby head support.

To put your child in the back carrying position, you may need the help of another person or soft chair.

You can also stand bend forward with your baby on your back while grabbing the two long straps to pull over your shoulders and tie them together.



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