Can You trust a Baby SIDS Monitor to save your Infant's life?

baby sids monitor

A baby SIDS monitor or any other product that suggests it can cure, treat or even prevent an illness is considered a medical device.

Such products are subject to FDA regulations in order to protect the health of consumers.

If you find a product that claims it can prevent SIDS, beware as no baby product has received clearance or approval from the FDA to state this on its label.



Sudden infant Death Syndrome - What is it?

SIDS is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and is any parent’s absolute worst nightmare. It is when a seemingly healthy newborn baby dies suddenly for no apparent reason.

It can affect the healthiest babies and scientists are still are not entirely sure of the reasons. They do know that it is slightly more prevalent in boys and that children born underweight have a higher chance of occurrence. In the UK alone, around 300 newborn children are affected by this every year.

The statistics are scary, especially as it seems there is nothing we can do to prevent this awful event from happening.


Can you prevent it?

As we don’t really know what the condition is, scientists and doctors are not entirely sure on the precursors of SIDS although they maintain that if you have a healthy pregnancy and avoid smoking or drinking, you drastically reduce the chance of SIDS happening.

The latest studies point to a combination of environmental factors that can happen during the baby’s initial development, but they are not entirely sure.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also advises parents not to use home heart/breathing monitors as a means to prevent SIDS. They say that there is no evidence such monitors reduce sudden infant deaths.


Why a baby SIDS monitor won’t work

Technology has certainly developed in recent years and as such, the monitors available on the market can monitor all of your baby’s vital signs and sleep patterns.

Monitors are a good thing, because there are a variety of conditions such as sleep apnea, that can affect a baby in its sleep and you can possibly save the child’s life in that case. Unfortunately SIDS is not a condition that you can save your child from with a baby SIDS monitor if it strikes.

Even if you have the latest monitor with all the gadgets, then by the time the monitor starts beeping, unfortunately it is too late.

Whilst baby monitors have been proven to assist parents in other areas of development and safety, no baby monitor has been labeled to prevent SIDS by any respected health organization.

Harrowing as it sounds, there is no technology available that can help us here, but there are things we can do to drastically reduce the chances of SIDS happening.


What should I do?

Cases of SIDS are rare, especially as safe parenting methods become more common and health wise practices get better so we shouldn’t put off having a baby due to fear of this condition. There are ways to drastically decrease the risk of your infant being affected.

  1. Ensure your baby sleeps on their back as this is proven to be the healthiest position for development of their tiny organs.
  2. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol during the pregnancy. This shouldn’t have to be said but many parents still do.
  3. Sleep with your child for the first 6 months, at least in the same room.
  4. Try to avoid sleeping on an armchair or sofa with your baby, put them in the cot or crib.
  5. Breastfeed your infant during the first six months or as long as you can.
  6. When using a blanket tuck it in under the mattress and keep it as low as baby’s armpits. This way it cannot cover baby’s face or cause him to get overheated.


Whilst technology is improving every year, nothing can be done to stop SIDS if it instantly happens.

A breathing or baby sids monitor is great to use if you can afford it as it can some peace of mind when a baby suffers from apnea, but it cannot prevent SIDS.

Follow the tips above, these are approved by the AAP in the US and National Health Service in the UK, and you can drastically improve the chances of your child leading a happy and healthy infancy.




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