A Baby Nursery Checklist - To Start Your Baby Proofing Plan

baby nursery checklist

Let us help you create a baby nursery checklist before you prepare the baby room of your dreams. There are quit a few items you need to buy and it needs to be perfect. You can down load and print this list for an easy reference below.


1# Nursery furniture

Let's start our safety checklist with the nursery furniture.

  • Never place a crib or any other furniture near to a window.
  • When your little one starts to climb make sure he cannot reach any electrical cords, crib mobiles or hanging wall decorations.
  • Nursery furniture itself should be sturdy without sharp edges. Check if there are any loose or missing pieces. Protect corners if necessary with cushioned edge protectors.
  • To prevent them tipping all dressers, wardrobes and chests should be secured to the wall.
  • You may want to use safety locks on the drawers of dressers and wardrobes so they won't close on your little one's fingers.


2# Electrical safety

Second on our baby nursery checklist are long electrical cords that can pose a strangulation and falling hazard for a child.

  • Pulling on a dangling lamp cord can result in head injuries when they are pulled over by little ones.
  • Hide cords of nursery lamps, baby monitors, humidifiers or fans behind the furniture it is placed on or consider using a cord shortener. You can also hide the loose wire by using wire guards along the wall or baseboard.
  • Regularly check all cords in the nursery because frayed cords may cause serious injury and even death. Outlets and light switch covers are indispensable items not only for the nursery but should be used in every room in the house.


3# Toy chests

With top priority on our baby nursery checklist are toy chests, an item with lots of safety hazards. Make sure to check your new toy chest for:

  • There should be ventilation holes or a gap between the lid and the box in case your child gets trapped inside.
  • The lid should stay open in any position to prevent your child's fingers from being crushed.
  • If you choose a wooden toy chest , it should no be painted with lead based paint.
  • There should be no lock on the outside of the toy chest. Children can get trapped inside.
  • Choose a sturdy toy chest. You don’t want it to break when your child tries to sit or climb on it.
  • As with all modern nursery furniture there should be no sharp edges that can hurt your child.


4# Baby Nursery checklist for main door and windows

  • Consider installing a safety gate to prevent toddlers from leaving the nursery.
  • If you use window guards you can leave windows open for fresh air. A window wedge lets you control how much a window will open. For a child's safety this should be no more than 4 inches.
  • Longer cords of window blinds and shades can pose a serious strangulation hazard. Keep blind cords out of the way with a blind cord wrap or settle for child friendlier window treatments like curtains or valances.


5# Crib Toy safety

  • Crib toys like all baby toys should not have small parts so a child can choke on it.
  • If there are any strings on a crib toy it should never be longer than 7 inches long.
  • Do not use crib gyms with babies older than 5 months or when an infant is able to push up on hands and knees.


6# Prevent falls

We all like to keep the lights low when we are feeding our baby at night to make sure he or she will immediately go back to sleep. Here are some tips to prevent falls in a dark nursery:

  • Use non-slip backing on your nursery rug this will prevent you from tripping over it.
  • Use a little night light. Click here for some really cute nursery night lights.nursery night lights
  • Make a routine of tidying up the nursery floor every night.

7# Crib Nets

A baby crib net can be very useful to keep insects and pets out of your baby's crib. But before using a baby crib net please read our article about risks involving crib and play yard tents.


8# Fire prevention

Last but not least on our baby nursery checklist to keep baby safe is fire prevention.

  • Use smoke detectors near the entrance of the nursery and don't forget to replace batteries if possible two times a year.
  • Check labels to make sure that all bedding and sleepwear are made of fire resistant materials.
  • Have a fire escape plan ready in case of an emergency.


9# Baby nursery checklist with Sleep essentials

nursery checklist with sleep essentials
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