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Here at Baby Safety Concerns we are committed to providing parents and caregivers with the latest baby health and safety information. We like to help you turn your home in the safest possible environment for your growing baby.

But not only, this comprehensive guide will give you useful advice on caring for your precious newborn and discuss many common baby health issues.

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7 best baby fireplace gates
baby proofing

Baby Proofing Ideas

Nowadays, you can find an impressive range of baby safety products and devices to baby proof your home. Explore our resources for all your baby proofing needs. Read more..

category newborn care

Newborn Care

Are you ready for the challenges of being a new mom? Let us help you get through those strenuous first weeks of baby's life. Read more..

5 incredible useful infant car seat accessories you can't affoerd to miss
Newborn baby bathing

Newborn Baby Bathing

Are you concerned about your baby's safety when bathing for the first time? Want to see how easy it is? Read more in our guide: Newborn baby bathing in 10 simple steps. Read more..

When baby shows signs of a stiff neck, or has limited neck movements your baby may suffer from infant torticollis or "wryneck".

bouncer seat baby safet concerns

Baby Bouncer Seat Safety Issues You May Not Know About

8 Things you need to know about infants and baby bouncers. When babies fall out of bouncer seats they can get seriously injured. Steps to take to avoid these injuries. Read more..

Snuza Hero breathing monitor
The Infant Apnea / Breathing Monitor

What you need to know as a parent before you buy a baby breathing monitor.Let us first fill you in on what apnea exactly is and when an apnea monitor can be helpful. Read more..

Safe Sound Family Best Family Safety Blog

50 Best Family Safety Websites and Blogs

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category baby health care

Your Baby Health Questions

This section of our website is devoted to baby and toddler health information on a wide range of topics. Read more...

What is an infant weight chart and how do they work? Find out the avarage monthly weight gain for baby boys and baby girls.


infant car seat placement

5 Key Facts About Infant Car Seat Placement

The following instructions will assist you with infant car seat placement in the most efficient way. Read more..

category nursery baby safety

Nursery Safety Checklist

All the information you need about baby safety in the nursery, new guidelines for baby cribs and safe sleeping conditions for babies. Read more..

baby with severe diaper rash

Severe Diaper Rash

Sometimes a severe diaper rash won't go away with the usual over the counter creams and ointments. Find out more about the different types of diaper rash. Read more..

toddler playyard Creative Ways to use a Toddler Play Yard

Numerous are the possibilities with a baby safety fence that consists of multiple panels. Here are a few simple ideas for toddler playyards and how to create the perfect space for your little crawler. Read more..

Best sunglasses for babies

Top Rated Sunglasses for Babies

How to choose the best sunglasses for your infant? Discover which companies make the most durable and comfortable sunnies for babies. Read more..

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baby proof the xmas tree
how to stop baby diarrhea

5 Simple Methods To Stop Baby Diarrhea

Read how treat baby diarrhea at home with real simple home remedies and how to avoid serious safety issues like dehydration. Read more

safe baby products

Product Safety Reviews

Buying a new product for your child is not just about appearance but they should be safe and sturdy. Make sure to check out our baby safety articles about safe and unsafe baby products. Read more..

category breastfeeding difficulties

Breastfeeding Difficulties

How to deal with common breastfeeding difficulties such as cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts and engorgement? Read more..

buying a car baby monitor

Is Buying a Car Baby Monitor Worth the Expense?

Learn the benefits of buying a car baby monitor an excellent safety device that focus a camera on the baby and allows for minimal interruption while your driving.

Heat Rash Pictures

To See What A Heat Rash In Babies Looks Like?


Installing baby safety gates

Install Baby Safety Gates In Minutes Using The Right Tools

Learn how to install baby gates to dry or hollow walls and banisters without ruining your beautiful home design. Make sure you have the right installation kit for each gate. Read more..

baby sids monitor

Baby SIDS Monitor - Lifesaver or False Sense of Security?

Consider buying a baby SIDS monitor because you heard they can prevent a condition called cot death? Read more..