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Here at Baby Safety Concerns we are committed to providing you with the latest safety information to help you as a parent to create the safest possible environment for your child.


baby proofing your home

Baby Proofing

Are you intimidated by the enormous choice of child proofing products out there and have no idea what you should look for when you shop for baby gear? At this moment, you can find an impressive range of baby safety products and devices to baby proof your home. Explore our resources for all your baby proofing needs.

nursery and crib safety

Nursery & Cribs

With millions of baby cribs being recalled each year, you may wonder if there are any safe cribs. But finally CPSC has taken action and now there are new federal safety standards for baby cribs. Read our information about these baby safety guidelines for cribs and safe sleeping conditions for babies..

baby product safety

Product Safety

Find out more in our baby safety articles about safe and unsafe baby products. Buying a new product for your child is not just about appearance but most important it should be safe and sturdy. Cheap and badly made products may soon come apart and pose a risk for your child.



Baby skin rashes are extremely common, mostly harmless and very treatable.
View our images of hives, baby acne, cradle cap, impetigo and other childhood rashes Discover what you can do at home and when you need to ask a doctor's opinion.



Newborn care

Newborn Care

Taking care of newborns is challenging but also very rewarding. Are you ready for the challenges of being a new mom? Need help with the basic on baby care to get you through those strenuous first weeks of baby's life?

baby health care

Baby Health Care

Every baby is different and especially the first year is full of baby safety concerns. On this site you will find information about common infant health issues and answers to many baby health questions you may encounter during the first twelve months.

breastfeeding problems


Every first time mom will come across certain breastfeeding difficulties at some point. Painful cracked nipples, blocked milk ducts and engorgement are common breastfeeding problems that should be dealt with as soon as possible.



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