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Here at Baby Safety we are committed to providing you with the latest safety information. We like to help you as a parent, to create the safest possible environment for your child.


Baby safety product information. The truth is, each day they recall products used by so many parents because they are putting your baby’s health and safety at risk. So as a parent, what can you do to protect your child from these hazards?

You are probably intimidated by the enormous choice of child proofing products out there and have no idea what to look for when you shop for baby safety gear. 

Let us help you find the best products out of an impressive range of baby safety devices so you can baby proof your home.


Product Safety


What are the safest and best baby strollers? An expensive stroller is not necessarily safer than a cheaper one. Let us help you compare the different types of strollers, so you are able to choose the safest and best one for your child?


Buying a new product for your child is not just about appearance but most important it should be safe and sturdy. Cheap and badly made products may soon come apart and pose a risk for your child.


Sling safety

baby sling safety

While it is true that baby wearing has many benefits, some types of slings have serious baby safety issues.
Learn more about different types of sling carriers and which types of baby slings to avoid.


Car seat safety

Car seat safety

Buy a car seat before your baby is due because most hospitals won't let you transport your baby if you don't have a car seat installed. Check out our car seat safety tips and why you should not leave your baby sleeping in his car seat.


Baby safety monitors

Baby monitors

Before you decide what is the best monitor for you, there are a few important things to consider. Read our information about the different types of baby monitors and where you can buy them.


Crib safety

Crib safety issues

With millions of baby cribs being recalled each year, you may wonder if there are any safe cribs. But finally CPSC has taken action and now there are new federal safety standards for baby cribs. All parents planning to buy a crib for their newborn should know about these new rules for cribs.




Common baby health questions


baby health safety

Every baby is different and especially the first year is full of baby safety concerns. For every new mom taking care of a newborn may be a bit scary in the beginning. On this site you will find information about common infant health issues you may come across during your baby's first year. [...More]


Newborn baby care


taking care of newborns

Taking care of newborns is challenging but also very rewarding. Are you ready for the challenges of being a new mom? Need help with the basic on baby care to get you through those strenuous first weeks of baby's life? [...More]




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